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Save My Telly is like a physics-based mixture of the games Angry Birds meets Apparatus but the goal is to save your “Telly”. In this game the former resembles the protective structures you must build and the latter represents the creative methods you must implore to protect them. As various elements attack you must protect your television from the likes of wind, rain, earthquakes, meteors, grasshoppers, aliens at all cost! Let’s jump into the unique title.

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AndroidTapp.com Android Game Review:

Pros & Cons:Pros

  • This is probably the most addictive physics game I’ve played since Angry Birds first came on the scene!
  • Constantly changing weather patterns to “defend” against!
  • A variety of items to build your defenses with!
  • As you complete each set of three objectives, you get new ones!


  • I just lost a lot of time, and I have no idea where it went. :( :) :mad: :D
  • Can get repetitive.

Features:I’m going to say up front that Save My Telly is probably the most innovative take on a physics game since Angry Birds. And if you like that type of casual game, then you are going to find, like I did, that you suddenly loose hours out of your day that you can’t account for, other than playing.The premise of the game is very simple. You have a television, and you have to keep it from getting broken. To do that, you start off with one free board each time. You earn money for keeping your television unharmed, as well as for each defense object you manage to keep from getting broken each round, which you then use to purchase more defenses. In addition to simply keeping your television from getting broken, you also have objectives to try and achieve, such as staying alive a set number of days or having a certain number of items in play.The weather patterns you defend against are varied, and some aren’t even weather – my personal favorite is the aliens attempting to steal your television. Different items work better against different types of weather patterns, and what works for one, might not work for others. It took me a few times of having my television shaken apart in an earthquake, for example, before I figured out which items worked best.If it sounds simple, then it is in theory, but the challenge of trying to defend your television plus keep it intact for longer stretches of time, or to meet the various objectives, is surprisingly addictive.

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Fun Factor:I found the combination of graphics and gameplay to be very fun, with enough variety to keep it challenging without feeling frustrating, even when you die. That feels more like you learned how another item will work against a specific type of obstacle, rather than being irritated that you have to start over. And even when you die, your objective achievements are saved, so you never feel like you’re starting completely from scratch.Addictive:Oh yes! It was very addictive. I had a hard time making myself stop playing long enough to write this review… :PGraphics:The graphics are cartoony, and very cute. I loved the way the game looked, keeping everything simple while still being visually interesting.Accelerometer, Vibration & Sound:The soundtrack is about what you would expect for a game like this – it fits with the cartoon look and feel, and matches it perfectly. I have a tendency to turn sound off after a while when I play games, but this one was unobtrusive enough that it didn’t bother me at all.

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