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Absolute Territory on Steam sale with 30% off for the next few days.

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Save 30% with Absolute Territory on Steam. Don't miss out, the sale ends on 19th August.

Absolute Territory features:

  • WW2 style space fighter dogfights in first and third-person views and optional VR mode
  • Single-player campaign with 21 missions and 6 Imperial Hegemony space fighters to fly
  • Choose weapon loadouts based on missions requirements
  • Newtonian physics with arcade force values balanced for fun
  • Flight Computer for RCS to compensate for zero drag in space
  • Improve your combat skills against waves of increasingly difficult opponents
  • Take the ultimate challenge of The Gauntlet

transport assault

Cut off enemy supply lines by destroying transports and supply depots


Navigate dangerous asteroid and mine fields

weapon selection

Ship selection and weapon customisation

destroyer assault

Engage huge warships

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