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Changelogs for Savage 2 covering versions 2.0, 2.0.1, and 2.0.1. These patches were released between 04/20/2009 and 05/09/2009.

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Version 2.0.2 (05/09/2009)

Bug Fixes:
- Corrected the minimum players required per team and maximum players allowed on the following maps: MirAkar, Willow, Autumn

User Interface:
- The buttons on the side of the MegaMap can now be moved to the other side of the MegaMap via an arrow button which resides above the existing buttons.
- Added the missing texture for the MegaMap button.

Version 2.0.1 (05/07/2009)

Bug Fixes:
- Fixed an issue that would cause commanders to experience a dramatic reduction in frame rate when the player count reached a certain level.
- Fixed an issue where clicking the "Move" button to swap players in the Team Manager panel would cause the commander to crash.

User Interface:
- Players must now click (rather than simply hover over) the desired star rating when rating the match and their commander at the end of a match.
- Cleaned up the display of the Team Manager panel. Also, added an "X" close button.
- Added Select Squad buttons to the Team Manager panel.
- Added and cleaned up some tooltips.
- Added the MegaMap, which is a larger minimap panel that players can use to direct their team. Has buttons to draw, ping, and select each squad. Can be opened via a button on the side of the minimap. Can be dragged.

- Hunter:
* Venomous no-longer requires a nexus.
* Venomous poison duration increased from 5 seconds to 5.5 seconds
* Frenzy now requires a nexus.
* Frenzy speed buff duration reduced from 3 seconds to 2.5 seconds.
* Frenzy speed buff speed increase reduced from +25% to +20%
- Legionnaire:
* Health reduced to 630 (about a 5% decrease).
* Attack chain damage increased to 66-75, 66-75, 100-113 (from 63-71, 63-71, 95-107 - about a 5% increase).
* Building damage multiplier reduced from 1.4 to 1.33 (about a 5% decrease).
- Chloro Spire:
* Gold cost reduced from 4500 to 4000 (now matches shield tower cost).
* Gold bounty reduced from 350 to 300 (now matches shield tower bounty).
- Items:
* Savior's valor gold cost reduced to 200 from 250.

Map Updates:
- MirAkar: Modified the location and position of some trees, particularly around the scar and beach areas. Modified foliage animation speed. Fixed a few spots where players could get stuck. Fixed some texture seams. Improved FPS in some areas.
- Autumn: Fixed some feature seams, retextured a few areas, fixed some areas where players could get stuck. Modified foliage animation speed, cleaned up blockers, modified trees, modified the appearance of the sky.
- Willow: Significant changes to the environment settings, foliage placement. Cleaned up placement of blockers, modified foliage animation speed, modified textures in some areas. Improved FPS in some areas.
- Morning: Prevented the placement of garrisons in a few spots at the center of the map (near the scar, where neither garrisons nor sub-lairs are meant to be placed). Added blockers to reduce players' ability to jump onto structures from the Northern tower.
- Hiddenvillage: Players should no-longer be able to place spawn portals in the walls at the center of the map.

- Taunt (default key: N) and the abilities overlay (default key: Y) are now configurable in the options menu.
- Removed voice chat (old VOIP) key from the control options section of the options menu. The hotkey for push to talk can be found in the Voice tab of the options menu.
- Reduced officer spawn portal placement range from 300 to 225.
- The predator now animates when throwing a blaze projectile, similar to the fireball animation.
- Updated some item and ability descriptions.

Version 2.0.0 (04/20/2009)

*** We strongly recommend removing any installed interface mods before applying this patch. The authors of such mods will need to need to evaluate the changes in this patch and make updates as necessary.

Team Manager Panel (new):
The Team Manager panel allows commanders to more easily view the status of their team, and also provides some additional controls.

- Visible information: Squad (by color), class, health, mana, name, officer status, inventory items, gold, souls, level, buffs, and debuffs.
- Can select/move the camera to a player (same as the top-left squad displays).
- Player swap (can move players around from squad to squad and even promote/demote officers by moving players around).
- Can give teammates gold from the team gold pool (there will be limitations on this feature to prevent abuse, and they will be tweaked/modified as necessary to prevent abuse). Players are notified when the commander gives a player gold.

VOIP (new/complete overhaul):

- Configurable Features:
* Test mic level (with visual indicator).
* Voice chat volume (the volume of chat from other players)
* Microphone volume (your input/record volume for your mic)
* Auto sound dampen (automatically turn down other game sounds when someone is talking - can be turned off, or maxxed out for no sounds while people are talking)
* Microphone boost (toggle)
* Disable voice chat
* Push to talk/voice activation toggle
* Voice activation record sensitivity
* Mic off time - Used for voice activation: the amount of time that the voice level has to be below the activation level before it stops recording.
* Select input device
* Auto gain control - All voice chat volume is automatically adjusted (to a limited extent) to keep everyone around the same volume level
- Other notes:
* The voice chat currently is audible for all players on your team.
* Players can be selectively muted (players remain muted until you un-mute them or restart Savage 2).

User Interface:
- Hovering over structure icons as a commander or builder/conjurer will show an additional tooltip with icons for the units, weapons, abilities, and items that the structure unlocks.
- Added "Team" and "Enemy" over the stronghold/lair health indicators at the top of the screen (both commander and player).
- Added a significant amount of new commander tooltips, explaining various interface elements and features.
- Miscellaneous other interface adjustments (primarily to facilitate the inclusion of VOIP and the Team Manager).
- Added monkit icon (Thanks, Eaxs!).
- The full ISO-8859-1 character set (unicode characters up to U+00ff) is now available for use in the game interface.

Existing Map Polish:
- Deadlock: Cleaned up texture seams, rough/jaggy terrain, fixed some map exploits. Visually clarified an area that should not be accessible.
- Morning: Cleaned up some texture seams, missing textures, jaggy areas, and adjusted a couple of trees with visible roots. Fixed some foliage and replaced the water with the updated water model. Moved some trees so players are less likely to get stuck. Modified some blockers to prevent players from getting to areas that should not be accessible. Fixed some floating objects, and blocked off areas where players aren't supposed to be/tightened blockers to reduce wallriding.
- Bunker: Cleaned up some texture seams. Painted blockers under the fences in front of the stronghold/lair to prevent ranged siege from firing from outside the base areas (cleans up steambuchet issue).
- Hellpeak: Cleaned up a lot of texture seams.
- Hiddenvillage: Cleaned up a ton of texture seams. Fixed some foliage issues. Lessened some of the harsher black coloring near rocks/arches.
- Storm: Cleaned up texture seams, fixed some places where players can get stuck behind rocks. Modified blockers so that it's harder to get into places where players are not meant to be.
- Moonlight: Fixed floating objects, texture seams.
- Losthills: Cleaned up texture seams, fixed floating objects.
- Eden: Replaced pit under the bridge with pool of water using one of the new water props. Added/tweaked foliage, tweaked terrain coloring, moderate amount of texturing updates, added some trees outside of the playable area to make the map look more lush, filled in some open space next to one of the scars.

Game Balance:
- Lynx feet cooldown reduced to 30s from 35s
- Lynx feet max items per stack increased to 2
- Speed boost cooldown reduced to 30s from 35s
- Speed boost max items per stack increased to 2

New Maps:
- 3 new maps by Dark_Strider - Mirakar, Autumn, and Willow

Map Editor:
** Thanks to Ferratilis and the S2SCIP for significant contributions to the map editor.
- Map editor should now work completely out of the box (no special work or extra installation required).
- Additional props are now available for use in maps.

OSX (Mac)-Specific
- Restricted (managed) users should be able to update and log in. Updating requires Savage 2 to have been installed under that user account.

- ALSA is now the default sound device for sound output instead of FMOD's default (OSS).

- Wing spin should no longer kill with a NAME.
- Commander is now notified when players donate gold
- Some misc updates to descriptions for various skills.
- Fixed an issue which caused the end of game victory/defeat audio messages to repeat at the end of a match.
- There is now additional time (17.5 more seconds) allowed to get set up/organized before a match starts (an additional 7.5 seconds to choose commanders, 5 seconds to choose offers, and 5 seconds after squads have been filled before the match starts ).
- Various crash and bug fixes.
- Players are no-longer rewarded XP for donating gold. This is to prevent players and commanders from continually juggling gold to farm XP.
- Players now receive a text notification when they are promoted to/demoted from officer status.
- Players receive their spawn portals on the fly when being promoted to officer status (including on the field). If they are on the field when promoted, the portal ability will have a full cooldown to prevent abuse.
- Server owners can now set svr_minLevel and svr_maxLevel to allow only players with specific level ranges. svr_useLevelRange must be set to true in order to set custom level ranges.
- Fixed issue which was causing damage over time abilities to occasionally stay on the target until death or dispel.

Miscellaneous Modding:
- New water props with updated texture (Thanks, Brokengame!).
- HasListItem interface command (checks for the existance of a listitem by its value). See the new team manager panel in game_commander.xml for an example of its use.

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