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Major releases 3.0 to 3.7 Added towns, quests, raiders, electricity objects, new weapons.

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It has been a week or two since I've done any updating. Work (I am a teacher giving tests and finals) is finally calming down so I'll be able to post more. I've shrunk down the mission list because I plan on making a lot more. I'll be releasing them as I finish them. This update includes the second mission (out of 3 probably) that Ellie gives you. This has a surprise when you finish the mission (not going to spoil it). This mission also includes two of the new electronic pieces as a sort of puzzle (again not going to spoil it).

  • Transformer: gives power to relays if there is power in the base.
  • Relay: powers objects like doors and wells if power by a transformer.

I am going to be working on making everything having to be powered by transformer/relay (maybe not lights yet) and the transformer must get power from a battery. Or something like that. I'll play around with it. Maybe the objects have to be within a certain range of a relay for it to have power (I like this idea the most)?

Any way enjoy. Let me know what you think!


This is probably a base breaking bug for some of you. If you have any machines/lights you'll have to (or should) rewire most everything.

  • Transformers give power to relays.
  • Relays give power to lights and switches (manual, photocell, and voltmeter) automatically if within range.
  • Relays can now only attach to other relays (if you have relays attached to machines disconnect them)
  • All switches (manual, photocell, and voltmeter) require power from a relay
  • All machines (robots, wall gates, powered well, etc.) need some sort of switch to work. Hooking up more then one might cause errors.
  • Re-made some mission area to rework the energy system. Might need to do a mission reset to see the changes take effect.


So I've been working re-writing the entire weapon/gear system to be more robust and allow for easy adding of weapon or gear pieces. Which is why there has been a lull in uploads/updates. I couldn't upload anything because I broke a lot of stuff :) [things might still be broken, please test and let me know if you find bugs]

Here is the rundown of the changes:

  • Gear now have:
    • Durability
      • Using weapons or gear decrease the durability until it breaks
      • There will be a wrench item to fix most weapons (not implemented yet), but doing so decreases max durability
    • Gear level
      • This is like rarity (not yet implemented)
    • Ballistic weapons no longer use clips
      • Weapons can be reloaded without going through the whole clip
      • The number of bullets left are tracked
  • Added health pack
    • Craft-able at weapon bench (I'll be making different benches soon)
    • Has low durability, probably will make it higher.


Finished up the Orphanage Questline. In the end, you'll have a choice to rid your camp of children or not. I plan on having this effect later quests or storylines further along. If you've played the other quests you will probably have to click the new "RESET MAPS" button in the main menu. This will reset the maps to the new Orphanage map with the person that will offer the 'ridding' of the children.

Also added gun turrets (a very rough version of them) to the automation build menu. I am working a lot behind the scenes on the unlock-able tech. Obviously, you won't be able to, for example, create robots at the beginning of the game; these should be unlocked through missions or maybe blueprints you find along the way. So yes, I am still working on the game :) I plan on creating the first big city soon (Anchor Rage). It will be the next continuation of the main storyline and provide several small side quests. The good thing is they are all already drawn out in my notebook!


  • Added a new location Anchor Rage
    • No missions here yet but I have about 8(?) NPC's that you will be able to interact with
    • Added new decoration just for the town
  • Added new items
    • Desk and Bookshelf
    • Will probably add some items from the town build as well. (lamp posts, counters, resource piles)
  • Loading screen
    • So Anchor Rage has lots of items so I decided to implement a loading screen when entering locations. Otherwise, it would seem like the game would hang when entering the town.
  • MUSIC!
    • Added 5 new musical scores.
    • 4 new tunes will play when exploring the wasteland
    • The original song will play only in your base or camp
    • 1 new song will play in Anchor Rage (and any connected locations)
    • Levels might be off (but it is a start)

So much more probably. It has been 2 weeks of really just slogging through some things and a few moments of fun (art and level design). It is progressing, but the updates are less because I have to do lots of things just for a section to be completed and function correctly. Anyway, I hope you enjoy it. I should have probably posted screenshots but it is really late.


  • Added quests in Anchor Rage
    • 3 quests to unlock the rock, cloth, and meat merchant.
    • Drop off supplies to a mailbox object.
    • Buy supplies from a cash register.
  • Added increased movement speed if you have a car or a llama on the world map.
    • Also added different markers
    • Walking speed is now slightly slower
  • Decreased water usage while traveling
  • Fixed an issue when filling up water from an alternate camp.
  • Fixed an issue with places not saving when exiting the game.
  • Now map data is reset when you download a new version of the game. This is so I can update missions and maps without you having to manually reset your map data. Nothing will change really except you will be able to recollect the random resources in a map every update :)
  • Animals no longer pass through stone fences.
  • All windows are updated to the new style.


  • Human bandits
  • Other side quests in Anchor Rage


A kind of minor update but here we go.

  • More Sand
    • Sand now gets tracked onto floors and carpet.
    • Sand can now be cleaned with a new tool. The broom.

  • New Weapon the rifle
    • High damage and long-range.
    • Uses a bigger bullet so should be easier to hit things.
    • Slow fire rate and 6 bullets to a mag.
  • New enemy type: Raiders
    • This is considered the second tier enemy (skellies the first tier).
    • Raiders can have bats, machetes, pistols, and shotguns.
    • They have more life and are slightly faster then skellies.
    • The melee characters have the RUSH ability which makes them run towards their target.
    • After they swing their rush skill goes on cool down.
    • The rush skill has an (!) symbol so you know that they are rushing.
    • You can still evade them if you sprint at the right time.
    • Right now raiders can be found while exploring around Anchor Rage.
    • This new enemy type will be the ones you fight for the Anchor Rage missions.
  • New exploration zone.
    • The area around Anchor Rage now has twice as many resources BUT also have lots of the new Raider enemies.
    • I'll probably later make this zone a little more distinctive with maybe a new ground type or building (?).
  • Fixed some issues:
    • Deleting eggs should no longer crash the game.
    • Animals now flash when hit.
    • Lots of little ones.
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