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As per my last post I've added the system to recruit unique companions. Campmates can now be assigned jobs, but are no longer recruit-able to join your adventures.

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As per my last post I've added the system to recruit unique companions. As of right now, I have only one that is recruit-able. Details are as follow:

  • Found at Steven Farm after you complete the main quest there.
  • Recruit-able for 500 scrap. Which can be made easily from the repeatable mission that Steven "The Younger" gives you.
  • Being the first companion you come across he isn't hard to get... well sorta :) <-- You'll understand once you play
  • A twitchy sniper character with a rifle.

So companions take up a bed in your base but do not count against your people cap. They do not do any real work (except act as guards I suppose) [see CAMP MATE IMPROVEMENTS BELOW]. They will in the future eat and sleep as campmates do.

I plan on maybe 6 to 8 companions you can find and recruit. Other soon to come companions are as follows:

  • AFTER ANCHORAGE QUEST LINE: A nudist raider with a shotgun (because why not?)
  • AFTER ELLIE'S ORPHANAGE MISSION: A kid with a bat. Can't die (obviously), but sits down and cries if they take too much damage. Hops back up after enemies are gone fully healed. Won't have lots of life, but you won't have to heal them so it is a trade-off. Only available if you didn't press the button (SPOILER IF I SAY MORE).


Campmates can now be assigned jobs, but are no longer recruit-able to join your adventures. Here is the implemented and planned list of jobs:

  • Guard - Defends the camp with a bow (or other ranged weapons based on defense level [not implemented])
  • Farmer - plants, harvest and waters crops
  • Lumberjack - Cuts and plants trees
  • Rancher - Harvest animals and fills up water barrels
  • Water Manager - collects water from wells (the easiest job to replace with auto wells and a collector)
  • Custodian - Sweeps floors and refills generators with wood. They will also clean solar panels (when I implement that)
  • (Planned) Market Manager - will auto-fill market stalls according to an inventory level (set with a register item[not made])
  • (Planned) Mechanic - repairs any damaged base item

Jobs can be switched by talking to a campmate and using the new campmate menu.

You can call a camp mate to you by right-clicking OR by using a bell to call everyone. The bell wakes people up and stops them from doing their job until you turn it off (old bell used to turn itself off after a period of time). It also spreads your mates out better and displays their job titles (though not always legible :) ).

They also have energy and now must sleep when they are tired. They have hunger and thirst but those won't be implemented until later. The sleep system will change too: to be more realistic. Energy will drain doing jobs or slowly by itself at night time. Right now it just slowly drains with no regard to actual work. I'll need to work on balancing the amount of time awake and working versus sleep.


  • Chickens eggs are harvest-able for meat. Ranchers don't kill chickens (like the robot does) instead they harvest the eggs for meat.
  • Livestock grates are a new build-able. I noticed that sometimes animals escaped now that people can open and close doors. I added this to block all animals from crossing, but it will allow people to cross.

  • Robots cost a lot more to make
  • Camp mate max update from 6 to 8
  • Campmates remember their looks, names, and jobs. This should have been a given but wasn't the case until this update :)
  • Rifles now penetrate
  • Bells now call unique companions as well.
  • Game zip is bigger than usual. I am working on getting music smaller but faster.
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