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You can now order new buildings or upgrade existing ones by buying them from Sam, a new character whose profession is carpentry. A weather system has also been added and all stages for the current crops are done.

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Weather System

It is composed of sunny, rainy and snowy weather.
There will always be a chance for the weather to be sunny or rainy (the chances will vary depending on the season), however it will be snowy only during winter season.
When it is raining, the ground you will dig will be wet right away while the already planted crops will be watered automatically.
The advantage of rain will be balanced with stamina draining faster when performing an action outdoors.
Snowy weather will not bring any advantage or disadvantage, however for the whole winter season the farmable ground will not be useable.

Update 4

Crop Stages

The current crops (potatoes and turnips) have all stages already, both only have two stages total (Stage 1 and the final stage that is the point in which you can harvest the plant).
When not watered for a few days, they will die and will need to be cut with a sickle to free their spot.
When they are in seeds stage, the seeds will simply disappear when not watered for 1-2 days making the ground useable right away without the need to use of any of the tools.
Future crops will have more stages (up to 4) which will make them harder to farm but will also be worth more.

Update 4


Added a new character (Sam) which is the town's carpenter whose objective is to build new structures
or upgrade existing ones.
When bought, they will stay in the shop list as "bought buildings" to serve as a reference as one of the objectives to win the game is to buy all available buildings and upgrades (before 2 years).

Update 4

You can view these news in this short video which also shows the current structures you can build in your farm:

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