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Custom in house opengl engine with basic features hopefully ready for release by the end of the year, maybe sooner.

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Hey guys,

The Engine hasn't been in development for long, as you can tell by the pictures, but each bit of progress that I make I might post like a devblog or something alike. Probably by the end of the year the engine is ready and good enough to be released publicly hopefully sooner though.

Current features:

-OBJ Importing
-OBJ Textures
-BMP Texture loader
-Basic Shader

Planned Features:

-Level Editor
-FBX Importing
-DDS/TGA Texture loader
-Mac/Linux Support

Planned Graphical features:

-Basic Lighting
-FXAA Antialiasing
-Mapping (Bump, Normal etc.)
-Advanced Shadows, Lighting (Maybe)

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