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We are proud to announce that new S2ENGINE HD 2019.1.6 version is finally among us.

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Hi guys,
We are proud to announce that the new S2ENIGNE HD 2019.1.6 update is among us.
This new version contains a lot of new features and bugfixes.


We have introduced the new procedural tiles system that lets you to create and customize the geometry of tiles to be composed in game environments

Here are 2 new tutorials that explains hot to use tiles:


Finally in this new version we have re-organized all the asset packages of the EasyGamePack DLC and all the basic asset packages.
The new folders structure is much more user friendly and allowed us to improve the basic assets game machines (FPS, TPS and racing).

Here is a tutorial about first person and third person characters interacting with doors (included into the New tiles asset package):


A new long-awaited rendering feature has been finally implemented.
It lets you to precompute ambient occlusion in a 3d texture increasing the scene graphics realism.
The following is a video tutorial about how to setup and generate a voxel lightmap:


In this version we also improved the Easy Game Pack by introducing Platforms and climbing logic and a new enemy character class with specific parameters:


As always a lot of bugfixes has been made and also some rendering speed-up optimizations


The complete list of news:


  • - [BUG FIXED] Crash if you use switch object class and then run game simulation without placing a camera
  • - [IMPROVEMENT] Check for preventing SmoothFrameRate parameter to be 1
  • - [BUG FIXED] It is impossible to clear "prefab" parameter (in "prefab" and "class" tools) using "x" button
  • - [IMPROVEMENT] Improved accuracy of models animation track timeline when adding/selecting keys
  • - [IMPROVEMENT] Recompiled in VisualStudio 2017
  • - [BUG FIXED] When renaming/moving an animation asset, modelscript asseets containing a reference to that animation lose speed multiplier and keyframes values
  • - [BUG FIXED] When renaming/moving a prefab asset, modelscript assets containing a reference to that prefab aren't updated
  • - [BUG FIXED] When renaming/moving a prefab asset, Game Machine assets containing a reference to that prefab aren't updated
  • - [BUG FIXED] Crash when re-saving an asset preview image with different size from previous preview image
  • - [NEW] Added possibility to use variable for "time" parameter into PhyKinematicDisplace and PhyCharacterDisplace actions
  • - [BUG FIXED] Input section in class parameters not visible
  • - [NEW] Added CompareVec3 action in GameMachine
  • - [BUG FIXED] Crash when deleting a cutscene and a track of the cutscene is selected
  • - [BUG FIXED] Missed autokey icon texture
  • - [BUG FIXED] Autosave doesn't save unsaved resource files
  • - [IMPROVEMENT] Improved autosave project folders storage
  • - [NEW] Project files recovering system added
  • - [BUG FIXED] runtime archives bigger than 2GB don't work
  • - [IMPROVEMENT] Improved object markers system in editor
  • - [IMPROVEMENT] New camera visualization (3d model replaces 2d marker image)
  • - [BUG FIXED] Crash when the game is tested in debug mode (F6) and Physics debug info is showed
  • - [BUG FIXED] Crash when the game is tested in debug mode (F6) and object markers are showed
  • - [IMPROVEMENT] Added a default mass for vehicle class (when it is instanced) in order to avoid crashes if mass is not set before setting the vehicle body
  • - [BUG FIXED] When starting game test and an animator object is selected and its curve is ahowed the engine crashes
  • - [NEW] PhySetCollisionMask action added in GameMachine
  • - [BUG FIXED] "Align to world" tool icons missed
  • - [BUG FIXED] Output of GetCloserObject action is boolean, must be string
  • - [BUG FIXED] Output of GetCloserObject action is wrong
  • - [NEW] Added "GetObjectCustomID" action in GameMachine
  • - [NEW] Added "SetObjectCustomID" action in GameMachine
  • - [NEW] Added new procedural tile class "Wall"
  • - [NEW] Added new procedural tile class "Floor"
  • - [NEW] Added new procedural tile class "Stair"
  • - [NEW] Added new procedural tile class "Column"
  • - [NEW] Added new procedural tile class "Roof"
  • - [BUG FIXED] local lights on Particle systems aren't computed properly
  • - [NEW] Added parameter "staticShadowmap" to staticlights for adding possibilityto make staticlights to draw only shadowmaps for static geometry speeding-up rendering
  • - [BUG FIXED] Sometimes it happens that objects in hierarchy aren't linked after level loading
  • - [BUG FIXED] Particle system rendering artifacts on AMD Radeon 19.7.2 driver version
  • - [IMPROVEMENT] Now if you have checked the "snapToGrid" option and move and object on one axis the snapping affects only that axis (It works only in worldSpace translations).
  • - [BUG FIXED] Crash when closing/opening the prefabViewport and a projectile is instanced by another object contained by the prefabViewport
  • - [IMPROVEMENT] Now you can set a variable for "TargetObject" parameter of "Orbit" Action in GameMachine
  • - [IMPROVEMENT] Added parameter "everyframe" to "GetEulerFromVector" action in GameMachine
  • - [IMPROVEMENT] Now when "Raycast" or "Pick" actions fail the "GetHitInfo" action returns the ray endpoint as hit point.
  • - [IMPROVEMENT] Improved aiming precision of the FPSPlayer and the TPSPlayer included into the basic asset packages
  • - [BUG FIXED] "IsPlayer" parameter doesn't work for any object class
  • - [BUG FIXED] When renaming / moving assets their reference in other assets isn't updated in some cases.
  • - [IMPROVEMENT] Added possibility to set variable for "object" and "node" parameters of the "nodeLookAt" action in GameMachine
  • - [IMPROVEMENT] Added possibility to set variable for "object" parameter in "rotateNode" action
  • - [NEW] Added "GetObjectParam" action in GameMachine
  • - [NEW] Added "GetObjectLayer" action in GameMachine
  • - [IMPROVEMENT] Added parameter "node" into PhyObjectSetCollideFlag action
  • - [IMPROVEMENT] Faster sorting of drawing primitives during rendering
  • - [IMPROVEMENT] Improved decals scaling
  • - [BUG FIXED] When changing the name of an asset or moving it into another folder its reference isnt't updated into the GameMachine owned by an object instanced into the scene.
  • - [NEW] Added Voxel lightmaps


  • - [IMPROVEMENT] Asset package folder structure Re-arranged
  • - [IMPROVEMENT] Removed "NearFocus" parameter from PlayerCharacter class, so you can set depth of field focus parameters directly from player camera.
  • - [IMPROVEMENT] Improved depth of field blur when inside inventory and menu
  • - [IMPROVEMENT] Added depth of field blur when inspecting the document/map item from inventory
  • - [IMPROVEMENT] Added aiming zoom even without handling a weapon in PlayerCharacter
  • - [IMPROVEMENT] Added ceiling collision check when jumping in playerCharacter
  • - [NEW] Added "platforms"
  • - [IMPROVEMENT] Replaced "AutoAction" check with "AutoActionMask" parameter in PlayerCharacter class
  • - [NEW] Added "Target" object class
  • - [NEW] Added "EnemyCharacter" object class implementing on-screen energy caption
  • - [BUG FIXED] "BatteryDischargeAtStart" mparameter of PlayerCharacter doesn't work
  • - [NEW] Added "climbing" Logic into PlayerCharacter GameMachine.
  • - [NEW] Zombies and marines game machines now automatically recognize player (no need to set a player input parameter)
  • - [NEW] Added engagement system logic in PlayerCharacter GameMachine

As always previous version has been exposed as old BETA

Do not forget to Follow the PROFENIX STUDIO page on STEAM to be up to date with new contents, DLC and updates:

Enjoy and Stay tuned

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