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AI improvements with patrolling and new stealth opportunities, comms truck objective.

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Hey there!

0.79 is out now with focus on improvements in the AI behavior. We've got some patrolling going on in the non-alerted bases, walking, crouching and moving on prone affects how detectable soldiers are to AI and there's a new designated role for one AI soldier to drive the faction's comms truck in Vaaleakoski map. Check out the full change log.

RWR Beta 0.79, comms truck

Destroying the comms truck has a fancy result: the extra information in the map goes dark, intel about vehicles and soldier counts doesn't get delivered anymore and the commanding AI becomes seriously defective. Should make a powerful way to get a temporary boost on the main attack!

There's another get-together match coming up next Sunday, this time it's got a theme. Will be fun to get to try the effect of having comms trucks around in multiplayer then for real! :)

See you on the battlefield,


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