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Soundtrack, screenies and action-packed gifs inside, make sure to check this out!

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Finally a new update! It's been a long time but we managed to pull it through. Big changes include item system & first magic items, better characters` diversity and new spells providing more fun gameplay. There's just more of everything! For detailed info scroll down for changelog. In the meantime, here are some eye candies:

Fire spell

Water spell

Nature spell

Earth spell


- New sound library that should fix all the problem (if it's not working please inform us on our forums - www.codedaemons.com/forums)
- Now updater lets you launch the game even if you're offline
- Implemented first character and monster sounds of attacking
- Reworked 2 spells (Water - now it's a magic shield protecting you from incoming damage and Fire - passive that boosts red smashes whenever you have enough energy)
- Polished and more dynamic cut-scenes
- Loading resources on different thread with proper loading screen (fuck that black console thing)
- Merged Attribute points and Skill point
- Maximum spell level dependent on character's level
- New Story mode GUI, as well as useful tooltips for attributes, spells and items
- Improved performance - optimization
- Item system: unique magic items dropped from bosses
- Lots of balance changes (as always)
- New music: boss battles
- New music: normal battles
- New music: map view
- New enemy: Trigoth Hunter
- New enemy: Ape Guardian
- New enemy: Water Spirit
- New item: Apprentice Armor (drops from Novice, +4 Endurance)
- New item: Assassin's Dagger (drops from Thief, 20% chance for x3 critic)
- New item: Arkham's Ring (drops from Priest, regenerates 10% of you maximum mana each turn)
- New item: Long Marksman Bow (drops from Scout, 15% chance to dodge an incoming physical attack)
- New item: Ancient Plate Armor (drops from Knight, transforms 60% of your Endurance into Magic resistance)

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