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Run For Cover received two exciting updates in the recent weeks that added a mission map, weapon perks, a loot UI and a challenge system to the game.

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Update #33 introduced weapon perks and the mission map to the game. The new mission map lets you progress through tougher difficulties. You get to keep your old equipment and experience points but you will face tougher enemies for a chance of finding better loot. The new weapon perks like increased critical damage, improved accuracy or life regeneration are randomly assigned to your weapons and are designed to make the loot system more interesting.


The Full List of Changes in Update #33:

  • added campaign map with an unlock mechanic
  • reworked HP/AP display and slightly improved other UI elements
  • fixed an overlay issue that occured when pressing escape
  • fixed an animation issue during the office ambush
  • level up sound added
  • added ability sounds
  • added 5 weapon perks
  • added weapon scaling for Challenge Maps
  • added enemy scaling for Challenge Maps


Update #34 introduces a challenge system to the game. After finishing the story on the first difficulty level, you can select additional challenges that make the game harder for you. If you manage to reach the extraction point and finish the level, the challenge will reward you with a permanent stat boost for your team. This enables you to move on to the next difficulty level where improved loot and tougher enemies wait for you. The equipment of your team and its unlocked perks can be inspected in the new team screen.


Additionally, the recent introduction of the weapon perk system made it necessary to properly display differences between weapons. A loot screen was added that enables the player to reject a found weapon when interacting with a supply chest.


The full list:

  • every level uses checkpoints now
  • added a team screen that becomes available after finishing the story
  • added a challenge system with 4 challenges for the first stage
  • new challange: start without medikits to earn a perk that increases healing
  • new challenge: start without grenades to earn a perk that increases grenade damage
  • new challenge: start with increased enemy health to earn a perk that increases health
  • new challenge: start without checkpoints to earn a perk that increases health
  • tweaked the look of the character sheet
  • interacting with a supply chest opens up a loot dialogue


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