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The month of June introduced a lot of exciting new features to the game. The settings menu lets you customize the sound mixing, your video options and your key bindings. Additionally, the game received a new enemy type, more weapons, AI rebels and a German localization.

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The game received multiple updates in June. Check out the video to find out what's new or take a deep dive into the change log:

Update #25


- added settings menu for video, audio and controls
- settings are stored and loaded
- reset button loads default values
- added 'End Turn' hotkey
- added a notification for customization options
- added button sounds
- added music in main menu

Update #26


- added a rusty shotgun and a rusty assault rifle
- added a new enemy type that uses stun grenades
- added an ambush event to the office area
- added German text localization to the game

Update #27


- improved lighting
- added a 'Police Station' area
- added friendly AI rebels that fight with you
- added more details to the city biome
- fixed a bug where crate destruction sounds would ignore sound settings
- fixed a bug where you could shoot a supply stash

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