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Run For Cover received 3 exciting updates in July. These updates added more depth to the ability system, added hints for new players and added visual effects for an improved overall look and feel!

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The updates in July focused on polishing the visuals of the game and giving the ability system more depth! Some abilities use cooldowns now, while weapons started to consume ammunition and require reloading. The game received a couple of helpful hints, that were designed to help out new players to fully understand basic concepts of the game without being too intrusive. Check out the video and the full change log below to see what you have missed so far!

Update #28

  • Guard rebalanced to ignore cover and alway have a 80% hit chance
  • Guard ability is shotgun specific now
  • Added ability cooldown system that recharges with kills
  • Added Assault ability, that temporarily increase movement range
  • Fixed Shadow Issue in the office area
  • AP display of Rebels was hidden
  • Added death sounds to killed enemy units
  • Added sound to opening a chest
  • Tweaked unit selection management

Update #29


  • reworked animation system to prevent glitches
  • reworked spawn system to support random spawn point selection
  • deactivated ability selection during movement to prevent glitches
  • improved the supply truck quest
  • highlight explosion range of barrels
  • highlight heal positions for units
  • highlight interaction range
  • 'Out of Range' Message

Update #30

reloading small

  • reworked probability calculations to utilize a distance falloff
  • added an ammunition and reload mechanic to the game
  • added screen shake to explosions in the game
  • added option to disable screen shake
  • removed 'High Score' from game screen
  • added multiple game over effects to the game
  • added a notification when the end of the game is reached
  • improved randomization of unit feedback


Check out Run For Cover on Steam!

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