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Just released the Foundation Update! (1.5.8) We got new Platforms, new spinners and an improved Dialogue system! try it out!

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That is the deal we give you the foundation update which is the first of tree major updates that will come out in the next weeks and you get access to the latest build and can have a look in our tools and the current development state of the game!

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So what's included in the latest Update?

First of all the most futures are things we changed under the hood of the game that´s also the reason why its called the Foundation update and it will be the base for the next updates!

Here is a small list of the highlights of the update:

  1. Improved Dialogue system: now the player get ask question and can give answers that will change gameplay related things.

  2. Parkour Control: actually a Developer tool that let us control the parkour based on the decision of you as the player. It can change many things of the Parkour like platform type and number of obstacles that spawn, since the story is not finished we just included it in the Dialogue system so you can have a look in to it just go to the “Programmer Dave”!

  3. Reworked the spawning system of the Loot-boxes (obstacles) now there can spawn until 4 Loot-boxes on one platform.

  4. Add two new platform types a falling platform and two version of the new Aero platform

  5. Add two new Clocks (spinner)

  6. Add two new Stunts (Survived error and Jump over Clock)

  7. You can ow land on Loot-boxes

  8. Finale we reworked the crunch and slow-Mo effect now you can slide under the obstacles with out slow-Mo press the left shift longer and you enable the slow-Mo!

Aero Platform

Download: Gamejolt.com# Indiedb.com

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