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Game music, kettle, mixed foods, new plants, bugfixes all that with latest patch!

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We made little changes and add new features with this update!
6 maps have background music!
Tutorial Island, Dungeon, Dorpat, Reval, Walco, Narwa

Added Kettle!
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Q:How to use Kettle?
A: Same way as campfire, click on raw fish and then on Kettle, but you need extra ingredient inside inventory also.

Can create there 2 test food.

Trout with potatoes
Level 12 cooking needed : Exp Gain 20: Base success rate 50%
Raw Trout + 2 potatoe

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Lion Fish Soup
Level 36 cooking needed: Exp Gain 50: Base success rate 45%
Raw Lion Fish + pineapple + onion
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Mortar And Pestle
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Right now can smash all bones into Gray Dust!

Making dust increases alchemy exp!
Bones: Level 15 , base success rate 55%, 10 exp, uses 4 bone
Human Bones: Level 22, Base success rate 50%, 12 exp, uses 4 bone
Beast Bones: Level 5, Base success rate 80%, 8 exp, uses 8 bone
Dwarf Bones: Level 35, Base success rate 50%, 20 exp, uses 6 bone
Skull: Level 7, Base success rate 40%, 10 exp, uses 6 bone

New Plants!

Dragon Herb
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Need Farming level 80.
Q: how long it takes dragon herb to grow
A: 60 minutes. it's needed to create superior satan potion
Q: where i can get dragon herb?
A: Dragons level 117 and above may drop.
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