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Post news RSS RPG Idea Update [2/14/2016->5/21/2016]

New classes, new monsters and new spells + lots of fixes.

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It's been a long time since we posted updates on the game, so we have lots of stuff to show you.

New explosions and sounds has been added to the game:

Attacks has become much faster and first person view has been improved:

Infinite random level generator has been added, now you have huge distances to explore instead of limited map:

Many new monsters has been added: flying eye with new attack spell - kinzar, toad/frog, snake, worm that sends flare to you from the ground(later he will breath fire)

New class has been added: Assassin - she can throw darts for faraway monsters and use blades in close range

Page for donations has been setup as well here S5zone.itch.io, everybody who will donate any sum starting from 0.5$ will receive test version at the end of summer.

Full change-log:
10:20 AM 5/21/2016
ring spawn bugfix
we need some base flare class, we can easyly inherit our creation from it, what we need to change[different mesh, base_trfm and probably different events update or maybe we don't even need them since it's prerry much the same]
mon_ring spell finalized
mon_ring attached to kinzar+added more code to enemy spell behaviour
matmap & tex sharing problem fixed
our render might have problems with sharing matmaps :D, for now fixed with multiple meshes like other effects
min_spell_dist added
new kinzard behavoir, get closer to user, once the dist is below 100, if very close attack, if far away send stuff to user!, or in harder mode just

9:33 AM 5/20/2016

moved all effects away from objects folder
dart spell added
primary spell concept added
possible bug - when dart collides it crashes, probbly release bug! lol dead entity crashes
we need to offset dart+we need to change anim_event when it actually fires!
primary_perc_anim concept added
starting implementing new mon ring spell

7:00 PM 5/19/2016
fixed anim problem, updated pipeline for better smooth anim
walk > death problem fixed
NEW system screwed up anim events, event get's executed before the time actually get's to it! => Reason we have "cur perc 12.3111" value was because we set our values too late!
nice suggestion, how about we set primary animation and secondary for each character and alternate between them!
spells had wrong offset which caused to play wrong animations
throw darts based added

11:41 AM 5/18/2016
it looks like we have a big problem in moving animations based on value, if we change animation positions, we don't have bug, so it's a jumping bug that for some reason resets something!

9:34 PM 5/14/2016
display both end stats! + add disabling on atack mode
here idea, we can't set more then 1 event per our frame, just use some form of counter, that way we should ensure non overriding!

2:06 PM 5/13/2016
stamina additions
kitana integrated
few anim fixes
IsAttacking updates

12:18 PM 5/12/2016
thedame integrated

1:18 PM 5/10/2016
since we now have basic maze, we will need monster spawn points for better monster positioning, so they won't get stuck inside the walls
eMatKinzar error fixed

7:17 PM 5/8/2016
elongata attack flare is too high

11:57 AM 5/6/2016
new faster render sorter idea
optimization idea, use pointers and store them there for less allocations
we can directly attach our list to iMesh! as uPTR and store stuff there, that will allow us to use cached storage

10:36 AM 5/4/2016
once the flare hits, the sound must stop
fixed problem where flare didn't fly on other map, it was caused by ac->getpos initially returning garbage
delete the light once the thingy has hit something
our XStuff that rotates has similar problem to initial position, that needs to be fixed
additional problem, flares don't work on other ground

9:40 AM 5/2/2016
add flying eye

11:56 AM 4/30/2016
new frog sounds added

1:42 PM 4/28/2016
for new attack box we need Vec3 Offset+Vec3 Extent for each character

9:50 AM 4/23/2016
frog needs fixing broken bone[same node names]
enemies can only turn when they are moving or running, not when they are attacking or dying :D
move all 2d stuff into data folder
add snake
add worm

12:02 PM 4/22/2016
new physics system->we lost on collide with tree/ground effect bring it back
bring HDAO back
we found crash in showall button in subed

10:21 AM 4/21/2016
problem found it's interp
additiona improvement we need to add special function to interpolate instead of rolling over ALL the actors
main time eater is ground collision creation
validate that newton ground uses cache[why there are so big stalls there
need to build new pipeline for loading objects[we using FULL TRFM FOR SOME BAD REASON->that would give us very high perfomance UP!
next is same with roadgen delete stuff that are away of our vicinity or save it somewhere to have same world when you get back
add new frog

11:44 AM 4/20/2016
patch mirrored ground, reduce polygonss
Better idea, generate in same 4 around or 6 around pattern around the user, no popping but more objects to have!
added few fixes for new shaders

5:22 PM 4/18/2016
Idea we have about runtime fields generation around the user, like we do, it's much faster, since no waiting time
next is the problem of deciding indexes, our current solution is bad, how about we use parent to decide instead
next is the problem of inversing[for some reason the second time is bad inversing we get!]
generally we have a problem that is previous one that one+1+the same trfm around it!
improved random piece map generator
random tree generator ready, preparing for whole new dynamic items generator system for future uses, probably should exist on server, or can be user sided for now

5:03 PM 3/7/2016
started implementing new quality grass system
cached grass added
cache heightmap idea is ready

11:44 AM 3/5/2016
fixed elongata height

6:50 PM 2/28/2016
few lagging grass problems fixed

11:02 AM 2/26/2016
Idea of not dropping sound instantly, if it's not looped wait until it plays off then kill it
problem of user->EventSpells dead memory
out of memory sounds problem fixed
code cleanup for attack
magic ring, problem used wrong source_pos

11:47 AM 2/22/2016
fixed few releasing problems with 3d sound
pure virtual function called
added better interface to use spells faster

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