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Post news RSS RPG Idea Update [5/22/2016-> 6/5/2016]

New class has been added, new items, monster and sky improvements, updated object spawner.

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It's been some time since we posted updates on the game, so here's what's new.

  • new knight class has been integrated, many texture problems still needs to be fixed
  • added lerp to skybox which created a nice faraway fog effect
  • amount of trees in test location has been increased
  • since running and attacking now consume stamina, stamina potion with cooldown has been added

  • materials and lighting has been improved
  • monsters now have different textures and are all different sizes
  • there are now mana, stamina and health potions scattered around the map along with gold
  • there is also mushrooms that you can grab and it(some heal you, some will kill you)
  • healing spirit house building has been also added

  • the grass rendering has been improve, he's the video with grass experiments

Here's the full changelog

2:03 PM 6/5/2016
We have a bug in sorter, it's all connected to instance fetching[that's idea #1, validate it by having only subset 0!]
yes bug only appears when we instantiate multiple subset based entitys!
Add timing for sorting
few sort/subsets bugfix
For profiler out FPS,FPSLoad in graphics in Scene[very old idea]
profiling crash fixed
Output present time somewhere, or measure it engineE3D to have it in stats
added stats.marked_frame concept to correctly add new fps value
we can actually add every frame for more detailed profiling, but there is no need for now - added as bool var

9:48 AM 6/4/2016
CMemPool concept updated+CCachedIndexer moved away from maincode

10:41 AM 6/3/2016
scale perc min/max added
let's make tacke smaller

3:16 PM 6/3/2016
old nrg cleared
started implenting new render batch sorter, so far it sorts...

11:02 AM 6/2/2016
fixed problem of stuttering for FRI
Microsoft C++ exception: Concurrency::invalid_operation at memory location 0x00A9C364.
fixed crash in CTexture destructor on resize
grass 3 auto partitioning added
we need to validate that reduce buffers actually faraway from us!
int NumLevels = 10; WTF is this 103 cgrass - looks like magic

9:39 AM 6/1/2016
for dynamic generation, we can have some form of storage with scales!
cache warming code added
WITH NEW code we breaked our place where we spawn item that flyes![we need to fix it for archer]
dynamic item spawning
new item spawning idea, load the from script files
other stuff
for correct lighting we need to reexport monsters in fbx format
fixed bug in MatMap clone
replacing texture breaks bump for some reason
We don't release any resource in our generators[we do similar stuff in inf roadgen, we need to do that otherwise we have too many objects around us]

9:39 AM 5/31/2016
cleaned up material code

8:25 PM 5/28/2016
fixed new loader crash, rebuild new projects

1:48 PM 5/27/2016
removed old threaded loader

12:22 PM 5/26/2016
trees dynamic deletion similar to megapolis out of extended box clear
we still need to adjust our collision entitys for monster to change depending on size
idea about using local random and just offset it for better distribution

9:49 AM 5/25/2016
lock check
write lock check as well
db get check block!
add additional scale_factor that we can use to change the enemy sizes
many setevent on player death - fixed
for each monster, create a file with texture replacemnt so random monster would have many textures)
patched thread loader for E3D_HASH_LOADTEX
added thread loader for non supporting formats by using freeimage
pathced monsters to have different textures

2:14 PM 5/23/2016
animation has been improved by using lastevent instead of just stand event
since our tex loading functions crashes at times for some unknown reason we need to fix that problem
added new loader system for database, removed old pump
replaced simple file loading pipeline as wel, pump system removed

2:21 PM 5/22/2016
add bool variable to remove moving of enemies for debug purposes in city for example
added to SubED ex params
stamina potion usage
stamina from keyboard+icon+cooldown

5:58 PM 5/21/2016
Some better fog ideas for skybox, generally you can't see through fog, so fog should be located on skybox as well, we can call it Y area of fog, for starters it can be static, and later it can be dynamic based on our height, add that option to our skyobx class, generally everything on Y that is below some value will be color of the fog!
make kinzar ring a little bit lower



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