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RPG Fighter League is on Steam Greenlight Program. We need your support indie developpers and gamers from all around the world!

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Hi everyone,

Just a quick message to announce you, that RPG Fighter League is now on Steam Greenlight program. With your support I'm sure we can make a great RPG that will be loved by gamers all around the world.

RPG Fighter League - Steam Greenlight Campaign

If you want to play the demo of this game, you can download the PC or Mac version over here:

DOWNLOAD RPG Fighter League Demo PC or Mac Version

Here the list of Features of the game

  • 30 Hours + Game Length with new free content each week.
  • Fight in Leagues with challenges, boss fight, crazy enemies, moving story element, surprises and great RPG gameplay mechanic and full of secrets.
  • Active Battle Time (ATB) system with enhanced strategic lanes for your fighter. (Offense, Neutral and Defense Rows)
  • 1 to 6 party members in your team for intense and strategic battle.
  • More than 16 playable characters all with different abilities, magic and great personality.
  • The choice of your team members will have an impact on the Leagues, games events and how the story unfold.
  • Develop your Friendship with your comrade in RPG Fighter League to obtains new skills, items and more!
  • Challenging Boss Fight!
  • Choose and give Stats Boosters to your characters the way you want them to be.
  • Learn skills and powerful magic to become the ultimate fighter with more than Gaziillions of possibilities!
  • Find NPC and repopulate the Hall of Champions and develop your friendship with them to have even more things to learn and buy from them.
  • Upgrade your weapons, armors and accessories with Shattered Stones (Stats and new powers available for your equipments)
  • Crafting (Creates items, armor & weapons from scraps and others objects dropped by enemies.)
  • Quest System (Contracts)
  • Treasure Islands for each League with custom chests and rewards!
  • A great story about fighters & family and everything around the creation of the Leagues.
  • Great Characters in a light hearted world where the fighters are the superstar of the Colosseum.
  • Fans system where you gain fans with trophies in League to obtain all sort of advantages and buff for your team member.
  • Great soundtrack with more than 100 differents songs.
  • More than 151 Secrets and Easter Eggs to discover with some truly special rewards.
  • Support Gamepad, Keyboard & Mouse and Touchscreen.
  • You can save anywhere, no Limit!
  • New content will be available after release date to extend the game length and universe.
  • Game available in different languages (English, french, spanish etc.)
  • And much more! (Riddles, rewards, mini-games, pre-emptive strike, achievements, etc.)
  • A release price tag under 5 USD $

Thank you for all your support!

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