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Our brand new game, Round 99 is now available to the world!

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After months and months of waiting, Round 99 is here!

Here's a quick explanation!

Round 99 is a twin-stick shooter crossed with a platformer, crossed with an arena shooter. You have to beat 99 rounds and destroy the level's boss! Sounds like a long and daunting task? Never fear, Round 99 is extremely fast-paced and chaotic, making each round very fun and quick. Not only that, but you can upgrade your weapons, change your look, and give yourself additional protection against hits! That's not it though! You can slow down and speed up time, along with doing a brake in the air to avoid all damage. You can play 3 different modes alone, or with a friend! Out of all 12 levels, they almost always have something unique about them, whether it be wonky gravity or the existence of water. The game also has a stats menu, so you can see ALL of your awesome stats! Make sure to wishlist Round 99 (or maybe even get it).

The game, the Classic Pack DLC, the Soundtrack, and the Deluxe Edition are now available!

Check it out on Steam at: bit.ly/Round99

Here's the launch trailer!

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