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Post news RSS Rossies 3D now has a Facebook page (and other stuff)

Rossies 3D now has a Facebook page, and other social network stuff.

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I posted this to let youse know that Rossies 3D has a Facebook page to like (or in my case "Arr!"), I will regularly put polls up, (well, it will be regularly once it gets a few more likes/followers), and links/summaries to any new articles related to Rossies.

The link is here!

I've also created a Gamerstorm Twitter account, if you're interested.

One last thing, if you have time (more than I do right now), visit the Gamestorm website, Gamerstorm being my company, that makes these games: Click here!

I'll provide a link to all Rossies 3D/Gamerstorm Social Network Stuff on the description, just in case...

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