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After working on an update for a few months, it's finally out!

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Well, after a few hard(lol, as if programming is hard) months of coding, I've finally finished Roses and Gems v1.1.0! There isn't really much more to say other than go check it out: pirate-rob.itch.io/roses-and-gems

Also, a change log:

- Made an explosion when you die that clears enemies around the machine
- Removed inability to do anything for a short while after dying
- Added an explosion after dieing and remove immunity from disabling all your abiliies, so you can stop complaining about spawn camping
- Meteor fire has now been removed due it causing wooden structures to be useless
- Dialogue text and crafting text is now 50% the size it was. This is so that more dialogue can be fitted into the text boxes.
- Dung beetle balls have had damage reduced by half
  - Lucky shots where dung balls take out the machine are a lot less likely
  - Dung balls destroy themselves on impact usually
- New Npc: Ignideus
  - Has 10% chance to spawn instead of normal merchant
  - Immune to fire and spikes
  - Spawns 100% of time on 'enternal suffering' mode
  - Sells fire/'eternal suffering' related items
- New Npc: Tinker
  - Sells Gear related stuff
  - Lives underground
- New Npc: Lumberjack
  - Sells Wood/Saplings
  - Arives in stead of merchant when all trees have been chopped down
  - Buys metals/coal for increased price
- New Item/Upgrades
  - Cleaver
    - Makes range of attack wider
  - Rotten Parrot
    - Knocks enemies back when they touch the player (has cooldown)
- Made the next-event timer not count down if there are enemies/night time
  - Doubled time increase per wave (0.5 sec -> 1 sec)
  - You won't get off so easily, Waves increase faster (on hard: 3 per wave -> 5 per wave)
  - As a result, items are also more expensive as they rise with wave amount
- Merchants now have proper menus!
  - Displays how many gems you have, and how much of a product you own
  - Displays cost and the amount of product
  - Displays the stock of the merchant. No more whining about how the merchant stopped selling you things
  - Fancy Buy/Sell button
  - Useless/Helpful quotes included! (contains useless hints and bad jokes)
  - Blinking and face changes!
- New Game Over/Win screen
  - Shows what you've unlocked
- Credits
- Sound
  - Fixed bats bursting your eardrums
  - Made bug sounds softer
- Difficulties
  - Easy difficulty and Too Flippin Easy difficulty now have to be unlock by dying on hard/easy
  - Two new Difficulties
    - "Game Over"
      - Unlocked by losing the game by the machine exploding
      - 2 new secret items
    - "The End"
      - Unlocked by winning the game
      - Basically, waves don't spawn anymore, useful for testing out things
- Non-Instant death is now a thing for you wealkings
  - You need to take sustained damage in order to die
  - Takes about 0.66th of a second befre you die
  - This system allows you to scrap and nick enemies with out immediatly dying
  - Fire also works off this system, getting crushed doesn't
- New Upgrade: Hand-held machine
  - World won't explode upon no machines existing/ all machines destroyed
  - Creatures will follow you (To kill you)
  - If no machines exist, you still lose all your hearts (ie, unless there are machines, you can't respawn)
- Prettyness
  - Made trees look like trees and not thick poles in the ground
    - Side effect: Tree tops are unbreakable until they're on the ground.
  - Added avatars for every character
  - Enemies explode on death/drop particles when hit
  - Tree tops drop leaves occasionally
  - Dirt bits fall from dirt occasionally
  - Trees now tile together
  - Machines have proper broken sprites
  - Machines have purple particles
  - Machines spark as they get more damage
  - The world shakes as it crumbles around you (awesome shake effect now in-game)
  - Lighting has been added
    - Fireflies, fires, the machine and gem ores now glow
    - It gets darker at night and underground (not pitch black)
  - Made logs darker to show they are in the background and can't be collided with
  - Torches
    - These became nessacary as exploring the underground got a bit fustrating in the dark
  - There's now an evening sky
- Physics
  - Dirt has been made sturdier when there's a background
    - This allows for tunnel digging
  - Introduction of "sticky" blocks
    - Certain blocks will be able to hold other blocks up on thier sides
    - This includes dirt, stone and horizontal support logs
  - Gem shards float in the air and are solid, allowing for floating islands to be built
    - Creatures will still actively path to gem shards and destroy them
- Generation
  - One Forest will spawn per map (Extra wood for you scrubz)
  - Dwarven Hall is now much more interesting
  - Caves are now generated!
    - Cavey things are generated in caves to make them feel less empty
    - Extra loots in caves
- Mecahnisms
  - New items have been added to make more complex traps
  - Gears allow for the conveying of kenetic movement
    - Will hurt anything touching them if turning
  - Sawblades, powered by gears. Generally nasty
  - Windmills, powers gears
  - Gearboxs can be toggled to control gears
    - Can be linked to other gearboxes (and windmills) via vertical logs to transmit/recieve power 
  - Gears next to automatic traps reduce the traps cooldown
- Critters
  - Ants
    - They now dig smarter tunnels
    - Instead of using dirt to build up, they use foilage
  - Nerf spider's and bat's digging speed
  - Critters don't path to gem shards are they less than 3 times the distance to shards compared to the machine
  - Critters now spawn underground if the highest machine on the map is underground.
- Guards
  - Can shoot arrows as well as sword fighting
  - Guards now use flags as guard posts (each flag will have one guard guarding it)
- Controls:
  - Removed the craft key
  - Craft menu can now be accessed by toggling the invetory key (Default 'E')
  - Fight key default changed to 'Q'
  - Talking to merchants requires pressing the inventory key
  - Esc now quits the crafting menu if it's up rather than going to the in-game menu
- Combat
  - Added knockback
  - Added directional attacks
  - Weapons
    - Fire sword's glorified-firelighter-like attack has been removed and replace by World's Bane attack
    - World's Bane now has a new attack
    - Decreased range of starting sword and reduced cooldown
  - New Weapons
    - Stonebound Hammer: Slam the ground and do damge in a line, knocking enemies into the air
    - Lightning Rod: Zzzzzzzap
  - Combos
    - Weapons now have combos!
    - Starter Sword: slash -> shield bash -> critical slash
    - Bow: arrow (no combos)
    - Fire Sword: Fire slash -> Fire Balls
    - ???: ? -> ? -> ?
    - Stonebound hammer:
    - World's Bane: Every succesful hit on an enemy makes the next attack larger, up to 10x
- Notable Bugfixes
  - Fixed horribly boken hitboxes
  - Fixed various Block physics
  - Fixed movement
  - Fixed ladders/ropes and your inability to climb them properly
- Boss Added
  - Boss fight
  - Secret
  - Secret
  - Spawns on wave 100
  - Secret
  - Ect.
  - Beating the boss alows you to resign and win the game
- Chests
  - Chests now need to be opened using right click, rather than destroying them
  - 'Empty chests' can be opened and closed by toggling
  - 'Empty chests' can be filled with items when they are closed
  - 'Empty chests' will output what is ever inside of them above them when opened
- Tutorial has been updated to reflect changes

If you actually manage to read all of that, then I'm impressed ^^

Now that Roses and Gems is done (for now) I'm going to work on finishing Reign&Rule; (https://www.indiedb.com/games/kingdoms-reign-rule) and hopefully get that published.

And to end off my post:

  - There's now an evening sky

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