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First post. uwu i'm back. Need more characters because moddb does not require a short summary

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Hey guys this is roozy here. I'm just starting to make a mod called Roozy's Escape.

You play as me, Roozy, and you must find your way to escape ModDB prison.

You wake up on your bed, and find out that you're in "some" prison. Your goal is to get out of there and be safe for your best.

If you get caught, you're placed in prison again. Which means that you'll have to start over the whole map (this is what some phone games based on prison do).

This is caused by an HPL2 script, so this map has NO checkpoints (well it has one but it's controlled by a script after you die). All monsters spawn when you start the game, all monsters respawn when you die, so there's no searching or stalking music.

There's also no terror meter and ear ring, so you might as well experience some effects of paranoia.


Music ~ Ray/Shitbag (Happy Time Circus Part 2), Epic Games (Unreal December 1995 Alpha)

Models ~ Juras Rodionovas (Enemy models)

Sounds ~ klankbeeld, lolamadeus, xanco123, annannienann, patricklieberkind, ifartinurgeneraldirection

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