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This article details the new goals for the final version of Rolo Polo. We are going in a new direction with a content rich single player game.

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Rolo Polo – Roland's Quest!

Welcome all, with school starting up again I fear RoloPolo will take a back seat. However, do not be dismayed, we are beginning our concept design for the official Rolo Polo version. We had decided to switch direction working on a content rich single player game along with the multiplayer option. Rolo Polo will be renamed Rolo Polo – Roland's Quest! (Still a working title). The game itself will have the following properties:

1. Dynamically generated areas in which you must explore to progress with the story.

2. Dynamically generated world maps (Every time you play the world layout will be somewhat different)

3. New enemies and allies.

4. Incorporating some lore into the RoloPolo games and giving some perspective to the world in which the game is played

5. An achievement systems which will have mandatory and optional achievements

6. Percent completion system, which will show the player how much they have finished.

7. Time Trial System – Boast online with leader boards showing how quickly you can beat the game.

8. Game will be on steam greenlight – Once Green lit, it will be integrated into the steam system

9. Multiplayer Mode with three maps – Similiar game play as Rolo Polo Alpha. (WAN capable)

10. Better Balancing in multiplayer Mode.

11. Better (More balanced) AI in multiplayer mode.

12. We also hope to expand the game to Wii U, XBox, and PS4. (This will be determined by Kickstarter success)

I have done some rough designs for the game and there will be a lot more designs before we get started coding the game itself. Right now, I am flushing out the story and working on character designs.

I will post some when I have them ready!

Thanks for all the support, I am sorry I don't have any more videos as of yet, but I will keep updating you on the progress.


Dr. Towle

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