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We are still working hard with MS to get the website up and running. We aren't able to submit due to technical problems. It's expected it may be fixed this week but it's unsure. This version 1.08 will be ported back to PC to make both games consistently the same for the platforms. We are still collecting information on minor tune ups to address any common issues and making this the most solid release yet!

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The 1.08 PC patch and download will be ready in a week or so and will utilize this down time for consistency checks to make them both close to each other. Our goal is to make a fun game for all platforms. We are working really hard right now as we could get the word any minute that XBLIG can take submissions. We thank all of our fans for the out pouring of votes and the great amount of support waiting for Xbox 360 release of Rofaxan as well as the 1.08 patch. You guys and gals are amazing and thank you so much for all of the support! We are working to correct the complaints Desura has so that we can host the files here but they will be available on our site as always! So check in there if you want to get the game, or the sound track or both in a discounted bundle! Thanks!

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