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After months of hard work, we now dare to call our game a beta version. To celebrate we release the latest build today!

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Long story short:Roche Fusion has as of today entered open beta, and you can download the game right here:(Windows only, OpenGL 3 and .Net 4 required)

EDIT: Uploaded a new version with some small bug fixes. If the game was crashing for you before, try again and let us know if it works!

64bit version:
Roche Fusion open beta 0.4.1 64bit

32bit version:
Roche Fusion open beta 0.4.1 32bit


And so you know what's what, here is an overview of the major new things, since our last public release:

Roche Fusion is not silent anymore! We new have 10 minutes of energetic, all custom music, arranged in three songs, and more is sure to come in the future!

Online Leaderboards
That's right! You can now submit your scores to our server, and compete against each other!

Epic Ultimate Mode
Extremely rare and end-game, but absolutely awesome. You'll know when you got it!

Improved upgrade system
Pick up small orbs dropped by enemies for instant stacking boosts to your weapons, and get much more exciting and bigger upgrades every time you level up!

New upgrades
Most spectacularly, the black hole gun, which does exactly what you would expect it to do! Further you now have the option to upgrade your main weapon with spread, if aiming is just too snobbish for you. Or if like me you suck at dodging, maybe go for the shield upgrade, take your pick!

Improved graphics
Basically, we added more bloom. Oh, also: nicer particle effects, and you really gotta check out that black hole!

Improved HUD
More bars, boxes, and other things. Also fancy text pop-ups telling you how awesome you are. Literally!

New and more refined enemy behaviour

Some of them almost seem to have a mind of their own. Be careful what you shoot, they may not like it!

Also: Explosions

Now in 3D! Also bigger, better, faster, stro--.. or something.

Apart from that there are even more smaller things: little additions, changes here and there. Check out the change log included in the download for more details!

Laser beams!

But now you really read enough, go forth and blow up stuff!

Enjoy the pixels!

Heiny - - 27 comments

Come on people, eat it while it's hot! :D

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amul@amulware Author
amul@amulware - - 10 comments

Explosions! So delicious!

Reply Good karma+3 votes
KITATUS - - 61 comments

This is looking really awesome, good work!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Heiny - - 27 comments

Thank you!

We will do our best to make it even look way better :D!!! Right Paul and Tom?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
amul@amulware Author
amul@amulware - - 10 comments

Affirmative! Glad you like it, KS!

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