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#robotopers robotop the flying robot game is out now!

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You can download the game and play it either in pc or android the game is cross platform!

Robotop is a hyper casual game based on a flying robot trying to catch the maximum of coins so he can get back his superpowers !
Mini robot trying to escape the red boxes that contains negative power while trying to get the maximum of coins that will increase his score, he can also increase his life with the blue boxes or he can protect himself by eating the shield, the game is very simple and it's both single player and multiplayer mode.

Robotop features:

-Easy to play: Optimized gameplay so that everyone can play easily the game.
-Real gameplay: Enhanced gameplay with real physics with calculated collisions.
-High performance: The game can be played in all mobile platforms with high performance.
-Rich gameplay: While in-game you can feel the richness of the gameplay.
Can he survive ?
The game is an endless game so that the player can play to be the best by breaking the others records with the leaderboard that we built.

Game structure:

Designed with last technologies: The game was concepted by professionals.
Unique design: Special designs used.
Well designed: High quality graphics guaranteed by experts.
Exceptional animations: Lovely animations used in game.
Colorful: Vivid colors used to provide a superior designed and ergonomic visual.
After Robotop ?
We plain to work on another Robotop based games, an indie game so that the player can play an arcade mode with different maps so he can use his powerups, also a 3D game so the Robotop character can be more known with 3D skills and gameplay .

Why is Robotop a special game ?

-Easy game
-Special graphics
-Powerful engine
-Amusing gameplay

Technologies used:

The game has been made by experts and had been very well tester; it’s powered by one of the most powerful game engines Unity a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies that offers a primary scripting API in C#, for the multiplayer mode the Photon Unity Networking (PUN) technology has been used for Flexible matchmaking and real-time gameplay, all the designs was made by DZimo who used all the recent techniques to get a colorful and a well animated game.

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