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In this update, players have now access to the second Humanobots and Supremachine factions missions! And here is the new weekly giveaway about indie games that we love: this week it's Dead in Vinland.

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Welcome aboard AIs,

It’s time for our 7th Open development issue about Robothorium. Our weekly rendez-vous where you can see what we are working on, future updates and pretty much everything we have in mind.

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In this update, players have now access to the second Humanobots and Supremachine factions missions!

We also had to do to do some adjustments, balancing and fixes after the addition of the new robot.

In addition, the update provides a change on how Bonuses and Penalties are affecting fighters’ attributes and lot of bugs fixing.

Have fun!


New Humanobots and Supremachine factions missions available!


  • Bonuses and Penalties are now increasing or decreasing the attributes of fighters based on their initial value instead of being multiplicative between each other (initial value is taking in count the base attributes of a robot plus the attributes from equipped items, attributes increase from Mythic items effect and attributes increase from talents).
    For example, a fighter having 500 Power and being affected by Enhanced power, 2 stacks of Conversion and 2 stacks of Growing discharge will now end up with 500 (1 + 0.25 + 0.1 + 0.1) = 725 Power compared to 500 1.25 1.1 1.1 = 756 before.

  • Power gained from personality bonuses has been increased from 5% to 50%. Please note that personality bonuses are only increasing the base attributes of fighters (without equipment, Mythic items effect nor talents).

  • New sound for Game over.

  • New sounds for enemies skills that were still missing some.

  • New sound when a fighter’s Overload is increased or reduced.

  • Sounds adjusted for several robots’ and enemies’ skills.

  • New sound when recycling.

  • New sound when reforging.

  • New sound for the group of enemies encounter view in exploration.

  • Conversion and Growing discharge Bonuses have been removed from the pool of possible Bonuses that can be applied randomly.

  • Dialogs have been added for M.A.I.A. and G.A.I.A. when some of their mechanics are triggered during the fight.

  • Base rollable stats on R.E.P.A.I.R.’s Worker Set items and S.O.N.G.’s Melomaniac and Soloist Set items have been adjusted.

  • Variety of monsters in missions has been improved.



  • Programmed nocturne:
    Chance to apply Short circuit increased from 10% to 20%.


  • Buzzing:
    Robotic minuet can now apply Reduced critical hits without having to overload the target.

  • Conductor:
    Chance to reduce the Overload of a random ally of the same line reduced from 50/100% to 25/50%.

  • Deep bass:
    Targets no longer need to be affected by Short circuit to trigger the talent.

  • Overload transferred reduced from 5/10% to 3/6%.



  • Loner set:
    Percent of Regeneration converted into Power from the 2 pieces bonus has been reduced from 30% to 20%.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed some effects that were still not displayed in color in tooltips.

  • Fixed an issue causing the L.A.D.Y.’s Artistic performance to sometimes do nothing in fight when the Overall approval talent was upgraded.

  • Fixed an issue causing the R.I.O.T.’s Provocating shout to sometimes do nothing in fight when the Resounding shout talent was upgraded.

  • Fixed an issue with the R.I.O.T.’s Enhanced grenade talent that was not increasing the chance to apply the Thoriufocused effect from Miniaturized trackers talent correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where the S.O.N.G.’s Ready for the gig talent was not increasing maximum Overload correctly.

  • Fixed an issue causing the L.A.D.Y.’s Presence of the star talent to trigger when it shouldn’t in specific situations.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Growing discharge Bonus to gain a stack when it shouldn’t in specific situations.

  • Fixed the position of the S.O.N.G. unit in the rescue window.

  • Fixed M.A.I.A. and G.A.I.A.’s position in fight.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Overload to be reduced for each enemy touched when using the S.O.N.G.’s Programmed nocturne skill and with the Deep bass talent upgraded.

  • Fixed an issue where the S.O.N.G.’s Engines serenade skill was taking the launcher’s Overload in count before having payed the Overload cost for the calculation of the amount of Shield regenerated instead of before.

  • Fixed an issue where killing one of the Twin AIs was finishing the fight without killing the other one at the same time.

  • Fixed an issue causing the effects applied of one robot to be displayed for no reason in exploration when reaching a room with an objective or an event.

  • Fixed an issue causing old sounds playing on fighters to play again when opening the fighter details window in fight.

  • Fixed an issue causing skills to still display the effects gained from talents in their tooltips when resetting talents.

  • Fixed an issue causing the Speed gained from the S.C.O.U.T.’s Killer set bonus to not be removed between fights.

  • Fixed an issue where specific damage from talents was not taking Protected targets in count correctly and was not killing the target if their Structure was taken down to 0.

  • Fixed an issue causing stacks to not be displayed correctly on fighters for Conversion and Growing discharge Bonuses.

  • Fixed an issue where damage were only displayed to the enemy at the top of the line when using Z.E.R.K.E.R.’s Inferno capsules skill.

  • Fixed missing text for Patroller dialogues on Bribe Action results.

  • Fixed an issue with Agents’ Sacrifice skill that was not displaying damage on them and not applying the Bonus on allies correctly.

  • Fixed an issue causing the portrait of robots in the team and the bench to overlap incorrectly when moving them around.

  • Fixed an issue causing the S.C.O.U.T.’s Power influx talent to deal damage to the initial target instead of dealing damage to the target(s) the Penalties have been spread to.

  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to lose their save when testing a created level when selecting an empty save slot.

  • Fixed an issue causing Juggernauts to play their die animation when they explode.

  • Fixed an issue causing the visual indicators of Juggernauts’ Radioactivity passive skill to not be displayed properly.

  • Fixed an issue allowing players to go in the Equipment or Settings scenes during the result of inspectable elements or traps.

  • Fixed an issue where Digital tablets were giving way more experience than intended when succeeding the Action.

  • Fixed an issue causing Conversion and Growing discharge Bonuses to increase Power more than intended.

  • Fixed an issue where Conversion and Growing discharge Bonuses tooltips were not displaying the effects of talents modificators.

  • Fixed an issue preventing heals to be previewed correctly in fight.

  • Fixed an issue causing the abandon confirmation window to be displayed when pressing Escape to skip cutscenes.

  • Fixed an issue where the W.A.R.’s Suppressive fire ultimate skill crit damage was not increased correctly when a rocket was landing a critical hit.

  • Fixed an issue where the Enhanced heals Bonus and Reduced heals Penalty modificators were not taken in count correctly.

  • Fixed an issue where attributes increase from talents and set bonuses were not displayed on robots in the Reserve.

  • Fixed an issue where using the teleport by clicking on the minimap to allow players to miss important rooms.

  • Fixed an issue where robots from older saves were still having the old personality bonuses values.

  • Fixed an issue causing the second factions missions to be available before finishing the second main story line mission.

  • Fixed an issue with several talents granting more bonuses than intended for values that shouldn’t be affected by the number of talent points invested.

  • Fixed an issue causing thoriumeter to increase when being attacked even if a robot was affected by Invulnerable.

  • Fixed an issue allowing Corrosion to deal damage to a fighter even if he was affected by Invulnerable.

Indies are love

We have a special channel on our Discord call “Giveaway” where you can win each week a Steam key of an indie game that we love.

Each saturday we are doing a giveaway of Steam key from indie studios that we love and you will have a chance to win it for it by joining us.

At the same time, you can share and talk on our Discord about indie games that you are playing or that you like and if we love it too, it will be selected for a future giveaway.

Discord server

This week it’s Dead in Vinland

Dead in Vinland is a survival/management game, mixed with RPG and adventure elements, about a Viking family trying their best to survive on a mysterious island.



That’s all for now. We will be back soon to share with you our progression on Robothorium.

The Golbinz Team

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