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After some time we've decided to split Robolegs into 2 games. Robolegs 1 will be single player and Robolegs 2 will be multiplayer. So the development for Robolegs 2 has been delayed and we're rushing to get the Single Player demo released!

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Long time no update everyone!

After a HUGE delay I've decided that Robolegs will be split into two seperate games. There will be the Single Player game and the Multiplayer game. Each game will be powered by a different engine.

Robolegs 1 will be the single player game. The campaign will consist of 25 to 30 short levels. The aim of the single player game isn't to produce a game with Next Gen graphics. I'm aiming at fun game play with alright-ish graphics. So Robolegs 1 focuses on Fun game play!

Robolegs 2 will be the multiplayer game. This will consist of various mech classes to choose from, detailed maps, current generation graphics and completely unique gameplay that hasn't been seen in any other mech game or FPS game. The multiplayer game will not only look amazing, but it will be extremely fun to play online or via LAN.

Both games wil be Free to download too!

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