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The latest major expansion by Robocraft developers, Freejam. Includes Blink Module, Disc Shield Module, Multiple Weapons / Weapon Switching and much more!

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Robocraft: Maximum Loadout!


  • New high tech gadget for your Robot
  • Add to your Robot and assign to a Loadout key to use it
  • Aim your crosshair and push the assigned key to activate
  • Your Robot will instantly Teleport to a location at the end of your crosshair
  • If your crosshair is on a ground location and within range, you will teleport to that location
  • Otherwise you will teleport to a point at the end of the crosshair at the maximum teleport range
  • You will need to practice with this module to get a feel for the maximum range
  • The Blink consumes a lot of ‘Power’ (see below) and has a long ‘Recharge Time’


  • Activate by pointing your crosshair and pushing the assigned key in your ‘Loadout’ (see below)
  • A small Fusion Shield will be created at the location of your crosshair in the shape of a Disc
  • The Fusion Disc has the same properties as your base Fusion Shield, i.e. you and enemies can drive through it, you and your allies can shoot through it, but your enemies cannot
  • Activating the Disc Shield consumes less Power than the Blink but has a longer Recharge Time
  • If your crosshair is on a ground location and within range the shield will be created perpendicular to the ground plane
  • If your crosshair is in the air, or beyond the maximum range, the shield will be created in the air at the maximum shield range
  • Again, you will need to practice with this module to get a feel for the maximum range


  • For the first time ever in Robocraft you can now put many different types of weapon on a single Robot
  • The Loadout System has five assignment slots
  • Each Weapon Class or Module you add takes up a slot
  • As you add a new Weapon Class or Modules to your Robot the Loadout System dialogue pops up and asks you to assign it to a slot
  • Using this dialogue you can easily rearrange your assignments as you like
  • You can also bring up the Loadout System dialogue by pushing the ‘Z’ shortcut when building so you can tweak your Loadout at any time
  • Your Loadout is saved separately for each Robot in your Garage
  • Top Mount Laser Wasp and Front Mount Laser Wasp are in the same class, so share a slot, whereas Laser Wasp and Laser Blaster are in different classes, so will take up different slots
  • In combat, pushing the Loadout assignment keys 1-5 on your number pad will select the weapon in that slot in realtime with no delay
  • Switching is instant and free


  • All Weapons and Modules now consume ‘Power’ which you can think of as a resource (much like Mana in a fantasy game)
  • The Power recharges over time, 100% recharges in 10 seconds
  • If you use all your Power and then switch Loadout, the weapon you switch to may not be able to fire, so you need to manage your Power consumption carefully
  • Weapons and Modules also all have separate Recharge Times, these are shown as progress bars around the outside of each weapon in the Loadout at the bottom of the HUD
  • The Recharge Time determines the fire-rate of a weapon, adding more weapons of the same type often decreases the Recharge Time (and thus increases the fire-rate)
  • The Power Bar resets to 100% full on respawn, but Recharge Times do not reset on respawn
  • Recharge Times continue to count down even when a weapon is deselected (in Loadout) or if it has been shot off, so healing back a Module or respawning does not insta-reset its cooldown time


  • All weapons have been significantly reworked to integrate them with the Power Bar and Loadout Systems
  • Lasers are now real high velocity projectiles (as opposed to hitscan) and therefore you now need to ‘lead’ your target depending on its distance to you
  • The damage of the Lasers has been increased to solidify the Laser as a close quarters weapon as it’s now much harder to hit distant and moving targets
  • The Plasma Launcher now fires its projectiles separately in a ‘round-robin’ fashion. You can pulse the trigger to fire one projectile at a time, or hold the trigger to unleash all your Power Bar in projectiles in a single clustered volley
  • Managing the Power Bar carefully is important with Plasma as the 10 second recharge limits full volley drops to once per 10 secs
  • To compensate for the reduced frequency of the Plasma’s Alpha Strike the Plasma explosions now do an increased amount of damage in the centre, and a significantly increased amount of splash damage from their blast
  • Mega Plasma now fire one large projectile with a huge blast radius and with increased damage to match
  • Rail Cannons now also fire round-robin, and you can fire as many as your Power will allow
  • Rail Cannon shots are now real projectiles (i.e. no longer hitscan) and therefore users need to ‘lead’ their targets. The velocity of the Rail projectile is greater than the Laser.
  • Rail Cannon damage is now applied in a more penetrative way, so ‘drilling’ into your target is more possible with Rail.
  • The 6 gun limit has been removed, Recharge Times now decreased further when you add more than 6 weapons of some types (Rail, Laser, Plasma, Nano)
  • Nano Disruptor fire their beams as short pulses in a ‘round robin’ fashion (as opposed to multiple beams at once)
  • Additionally Nano’s will deliver significantly faster burst healrate if you add more to your Robot, but at the cost of depleting your Power quickly
  • To compensate the Nano’s new burst heal potential the Nano’s no longer deal damage to enemies, they are exclusively heal only
  • Tesla Blades are now only ‘open’ when they are selected, if you switch weapon they ‘close’
  • Tesla’s do not have cooldowns at all and no longer get destroyed when you make contact with an enemy and no longer need you to heal them to regain their ‘ammo’
  • Tesla Blades now act like futuristic chainsaws, so the longer you have them in contact with your enemy the more damage you will deal
  • Each Tesla Blade that is in contact with an enemy will deal damage per second and consume Power at the same rate. The more Tesla’s you have the more damage per second you deal and the more Power per second you consume
  • Aeroflak and Rocket Launcher are pretty much as they were but are now linked to the Power Bar and Recharge systems
  • All weapons now rotate their turret at the same speed, i.e. at the faster speed similar to that of the Laser
  • Firing weapons no longer resets the Health Regen cooldown timer, so now only taking damage prevents you from Regen


  • We have added a new email reward system
  • When you login you will see a dialogue with instructions
  • If you provide a valid email address you will get 1 day of Premium for free
  • We will then send you a test email and if you click the link inside you will validate your email address and the next time you login you will receive an additional 3 days Premium for free
  • We are doing this as we’d like to be able to send you emails when we release major updates. We will never spam you or share your data (as per our T&C’s) and you can unsubscribe at any time with a single click


  • Added more connection points to larger Aerofoils and Rudders
  • Increased health of larger Aerofoils and Rudders
  • Increased top speed of Aerofoils and Rudders
  • Increased flap force so Aerofoils and Rudders are more agile
  • All above Aerofoil and Rudder changes also apply to the Bat and Vampire versions
  • Reduced ground damage of Aeroflak
  • Health per volume factor on cubes increased, so Slopes now have less health for example
  • League system recently changed to award to a full star every time you ‘rank up’ and you lose a whole star every time you ‘rank down’
  • ‘Enemy Spotted’ audio changed to be less ‘intrusive’ whilst playing Battle Arena
  • Added more servers and reduced the number of concurrent games on each server freeing up memory, CPU capacity and reducing the load ensuring a more consistent and lag free game experience
  • Robot Ranking of Aeroflak increased to reduce usage in lower class matches versus new players
  • Gun aiming no longer makes your guns point at your ally if they fly in front of the camera
  • You can now Overclock to Level 15 in Battle Arena
  • Battle Arena Fusion Shield now automatically goes down at 20 minutes and Protonivity Escalates faster with the aim of ending more battles at between the 15 and 20 minute marks


  • Fixed a bug where players who are not the leader of a Platoon can still invite people to Platoon via the drop menu
  • Fixed a bug allowing you to sometimes shoot whilst Alignment Rectifying
  • Fixed a bug where cubes that extend outside the Mothership bounds did not have correct collision in battle
  • Fixed some bugs caused when large objects were placed outside of the Mothership bounds
  • Fixed the Centre of Mass of Aerorods
  • The profanity filter is now enabled on Robot names
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes switching to the CRF and back caused graphical glitches in your Garage
  • Fixed an issue where Vampire Wing and Vampire Rudder were incorrectly setup, so they now behave as same class Aerofoils and Rudders
  • Some improvements to reduce frame-stalls and increase average frame-rates
  • Fixed some intermittent crash bugs
  • Fixed a bug allowed Plasma shots to sometimes pass through the base shield
  • Fixed a bug allowing players to shoot outwards through the enemy Fusion Shield
  • Fixed a bug where inviting new players to a Platoon sometimes did not work
  • Fixed a bug where on rare occasions it was possible to go above 100% health
  • Ensured that all types of Tesla Blade can be placed one cube apart when placed parallel with each other
  • Fixed an issue which let the CRF show un-capped robot rankings
  • Fixed a pricing error where the Electroplate H and Electroshield H cost the same RP but not the same GC
  • Fixed a bug which caused the garage bays of new players to start from 1000
  • Fixed a bug which occasionally caused players to not rank up when winning in the top 50% of a Leagues game
  • Fixed a bug which caused tesla damage to not be recorded when hitting megabots
  • Fixed a bug which allowed players to be shot even when out of render distance
  • Fixed the LOML texture, replacing the text “LML” with “LOML”
  • Spiked electroplates can no longer be put on Megabots


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