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Hi all! I'm going to talk about the first roadmap phase

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Hi all!

I'm going to continue the itchio page with a roadmap of the first phase

For the proof of concept, I used a UI library, but Unity UI suck for "complex" UIs, so I though of something like HTML, CSS, etc, and I found this asset: Assetstore.unity.com

I bought it, and works great. The only problem is that I need to redesign everything in HTML, and that my take a while.

Why do that? Because making UIs in Unity takes a lot of time, and if you want to change something, you need to modify the prefab, crossing fingers nothing is overriding an attribute somewhere. In HTML is only editing the HTML part of it.

First phase Roadmap

Editors UI redesign

Redesign of the entire UI, doing a replica of the Unity one I had created:

  • NPC editor
  • Character editor
  • Item editor
  • Map editor
  • Actions editor

Resource packs

We need a visual editor for resource packs. A resource pack is basically a set of tiles, sounds, and special effects.

Right now they are simply a folder with everything inside, so we need a way to organize that, and to provide a visual editor

  • Config.json file to associate a tile image, with its metadata, that it may be:
    • id: The ID to refer it in the map.json files
    • name: The name, so we can see a name in the map editor
    • description: The description, so we can see a description of this in the map editor
    • fileType: The file type (Image/Sound/SpecialEffect)
    • tileType: It may be Ground/Collision/Water, but there can be more in the future
  • Visual editor, where you can select spare image files, and create an entry in the config file, or edit it if already exist. Just a simple form
  • Interactive tile: Now, this is bigger. Tiles where actions can be associated. You can just create a switch, maybe an anvil? Or a weapon rack? A chest?

I'll try to do an update every week. I have things already implemented, so, depending on how much I progress, I'll post the work I've done, or feature something already made. The posts will probably be posted on Saturday, but I'm not sure yet.

Things not in the roadmap yet

There are still things to define in the roadmap for next phases. I will list them here:

  • HUD editor
  • Map events system
  • Map editor improvements
  • Sandbox system
  • Simple addons
  • Procedural and random systems
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