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Just a copy and paste from the post on the paradox forums.

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IC & Resources for each country (still being implemented)

Want to help out with something but don't know how to do it?

Tutorial 1

tutorial 2...


Multiple beta versions - Bug testing and etc v0.XX - We're here

Version 1 - War in the Levant:

  • Two majors USA & Russia (techs and etc) except OOB's - Complete
  • 3 Secondaries Turkey, Iran & Saudi Arabia - Complete need to research military capabilities
  • 2 minors Iraq & Syria (techs and etc) except OOB's - Complete for v1 expectations


  • Implement desired techs - Complete


  • Russia and Syria relations/war - Complete
  • US & Iraq relations - complete
  • Powers in the Middle east relation - complete
  • Everyone hating isis - complete
  • Western nations beside USA intervening in Iraq/Syria - complete
  • Russias sphere of influence/faction rework - 0% complete


  • All units in game relevant to 2015-2016 - 100% complete
  • Need to give ISIS a special unit to strengthen brigades instead of negative modifier for everyone else - 0% complete


  • To be done in the future


  • Cleaned up all the menus - 100% complete
  • Finish tech localisation (might not do, dunno if ill keep all the techs or not) - 0% complete

AI Lua

  • Complete except for a couple problems with AI allowing military access ez fix but not a priority - 0% omplete


  • Fix the wording, completely forgot.... Also add pi tires and etc - 0% complete

I've done a lot more but these are mostly things that need to be done/ aren't complete.

Dev Update #1

Multiple 1.0 beta versions - Bug testing and etc

Version 2.0 - New face of Fear

  • More balance
  • Focus on Europe & especially eastern Europe/Russia

Multiple 2.0 beta versions - Bug testing and etc

Version 3.0 - I don't have a name yet lol

Multiple 3.0 beta versions - Bug testing and etc

Version 4.0 - A tale of two Interpertations: South China Sea

  • South East Asia

Multiple 4.0 beta versions - bug testing and etc

Version 5.0 - War of the worlds

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