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I will start working on a new version tomorrow, as soon as it is done I will upload it here.

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The demo version is up now it only needs to keep improving. I hope I can continue the work on the mod, also I am hoping that this mod will reach the stage when it will become more playable. GIVE ME YOUR FEEDBACK AND YOUR OPINION OF EVERYTHING. Thanks.

How to start the mod:

1. Non-steam version:

Since "mod" file is not working and it's not showing the mod in the launcher you'll have to do it another way. It's having some issues but don't worry I'll be fixing it. Go to your main Hearts of Iron 4 folder and what you are going to do you next is create a new folder in your desktop, name it how ever you want and then copy everything in the main Hearts of Iron 4 folder and paste it to that new folder so that you don't need to change nothing and that you have saved the normal one. Then paste all the files from riseofcroatia into that new Hearts of Iron 4 folder and there you go, you can play it.

2. Steam version:

Go to your steam Hearts of Iron 4 folder: Computer - Local Disk - Program Files (x86) - Steam - steampps - common - Hearts of Iron 4 and copy all the files from riseofcroatia and paste them to the Hearts of Iron 4 folder. Do not worry you can always go to the steam and verify the game cache which will put everything back to normal.

Version History:

v 0.2 (Coming Soon)

  • Fixing states
  • Adding more National Spirits
  • More advisors
  • Historically accurate cores and technologies
  • Adding more resources
  • Making Croatia more playable
  • Making historically opinions of other countries and the world
  • Starting to work on National Focus Tree
  • Changing the flag
  • Improving the leader

v 0.1. (Demo/released)

  • Croatia becomes free.
  • Adds new National Spirit
  • Making Croatia more playable
  • Changing few things in look of the country
  • Improving country leader
  • Adding more resources in Bosnia and Croatia
  • Croatia becomes fascist
  • Add cores on Istria and Zara
  • Improved Technologies

Future plans

  • Adding unique national focus tree
  • Creating unique history
  • Making Croatia as the part of the Hearts of Iron 4
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