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Initial Project Diary: 3 ship classes, turret, destructible asteroids, 6dof movement, tripartite energy system, damage system, shields, weapons, HUD.

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While we don't have anything flashy to show you yet, media-wise, we have been plugging away behind the scenes. Currently, we have 1 (placeholder) player ship, 2 varieties of moving, shooting, AI enemy classes in the early stages, a functional turret class, as well as destructible asteroids.

The player ship has a functional tripartite energy system, working shields, rudimentary projectile-type weapons. Additionally, the player ship has basic forward, reverse (plus boosters); lateral and vertical thrust. UI includes a very rudimentary HUD for informational purposes.

PC and NPC classes can deal damage to each other through a simple component-based damage system; one NPC class can fly, patrol, and do simple seek and destroy actions. I'm currently working on packaging the energy and PC flight model into component-based systems as well. Modest gains, but substantive!

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