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We are currently looking for someone who wants to join our team!

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Hey guys!

Im Roma, the lead developer of a project i am working on since over a year, called Darkness Anomaly. Its on open world adventure developing with the CRYENGINE. I have amazing people with me in the team and as you can see we've made quite good process. Really great music composers, voice actors and enviroment/architect artist's.

But at this moment we have a huge lack in the team and we are looking for help in the field of character modelling. I have finished characters (Mixamo/Maya) but they need to be skinned and weight into the cryengine rig (Maya "bind" rig position). So the process will be to take the models i created with Mixamo and skin the mesh into the rig of Cryengine.

So lets get to the requirements:

- (Autodesk) 3DS or Maya
- Rigging
- Skinning
- Basic Knowledge of CryEngine (but not necessary)

So if you interested in Horror Games, CryEngine and 3DS/Maya and want to join us, just hit my inbox or just hit us up on facebook: www.facebook.com/darknessanomalythegame

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