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A short video and description of the abilities and skills used by Lilah Brightmore, the Velisian Healer.

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Magic Blast

Magic Blast is Lilah's only offensive ability, yet it begins as the most powerful magical attack that the player has at their disposal. If the player chooses to fully upgrade the ability, Lilah will become a Cleric and be able to deal even larger amounts of damage in an area within range.


Heal allows Lilah to recover allies' lost HP, ensuring that they do not fall to the enemy during long battles. Heal can only heal a single unit for a moderate amount. When fully upgraded, Lilah becomes a Thaumaturge and is able to heal all allies within an area, recovering a large amount of HP.


Resurrection allows Lilah to retrieve a fallen ally from the brink of death. Reviving a unit uses a large amount of AP and leaves the revived unit in a weakened state. Fully upgrading Resurrect turns Lilah into an Angelic which allows her to revive allies to an empowered state, rather than weaker than usual.

Second Wind

Second wind recovers an amount of AP to a single ally that has already been used during the player's turn. This allows the unit to perform further actions. Fully upgrading the ability turns Lilah into a Spirit Whisperer, able to recover multiple allies' AP and recover a larger amount at once.

ChrisWilson Author

Somewhat of an error on my part, uploaded the wrong video! this one would be for Lilah Brightmore the Healer appolgises! the Rifleman Video will be released shortly along with a full description of the Healers abilities. Sorry for the mix up but for now just enjoy this video!

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ChrisWilson Author

News now fixed with correct text with correct video, what a novel idea ehy? :-)

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Hello, this video show a lot of good things about your game. I like the spell cast the Healer. I play RPG since 20 years ago and your game look fine. I follow your project.

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