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The demo build has been updated to include many optimizations and changes to both available stages.

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We've been working over the past few days on optimizing things so the game runs better for everyone. It's not perfect yet and we're still tweaking things but it should be substantially better than the previous build. If you are still experiencing problems, please make sure to try out the low graphic setting, with bloom and advanced lighting turned off. If problems still persist please post your cpu/gpu/memory specs and what settings you were using. It would also help if you could run a program like fraps and inform us what your FPS is(so we can determine if the framerate is actually low or if it just appears choppy).

Change log:

  • Added new graphic options for low,medium,high and max settings(defaulted to high)
  • Added options to enable v-sync(enabled by default)
  • Many optimizations to work on lower end computers
  • Upon dying, the screen is now cleared of all bullets & upcoming notes
  • Reworked many sections in both Dynamo and Esperanza to offer a more fair and enjoyable experience
  • Increased the duration of the grade check marks after destroying an enemy
  • Tutorial now points out the grade check mark

The new build is available here: Download Demo (it is recommended that you uninstall the previous version first)

If you have any comments/concerns/critiques please feel free to reply here in the comments.

Our Kickstarter is also nearing 75% so check it out if you haven't already done so!

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