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We are happy to present our latest images, featuring the RF-Tracker and the Frag Grenade for Mercenaries and the Decoy for Spies.

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Dear fans,

After a lot of internal discussion, we have finally decided on the looks of some new gadgets. We hope you like the results.

Frag Grenade

The Frag Grenade is an explosive device that can be bounched off of all surfaces, to be able to kill that pesky Spy hiding around the corner. Seeing its lights come closer is an omen of death.


The Tracker is placed at a wall, so that its laser blocks the entrance. Any Spy walking through the laser will be tagged on your radar. Easy target practicing.


The Decoy can lure Mercs away, by pinging their sound reticle or by activating an alarm with one of its modules. They are a Spy's best friend.

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