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Rexzilla is not for sale yet - but it is finished and submitted! Hopefully it will be available soon! :)

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So it’s almost 10:00pm where I am on the First of March and, unfortunately, Rexzilla is not up for sale yet.

BUT! It is FINISHED and is currently going through approval processes, so I suspect it won’t be long before it will be available. Tomorrow? Monday? Something like that. Sorry for the delay (again). I hope this new screenshot makes up for it.

Rexzilla Screenshots

Rexzilla Screenshots

I'm still putting the finishing touches on the instruction manual and some other paperwork, but I think those will be done tomorrow.

Anyway, February has been an incredibly hectic month – I’ve never finished and published a game before, so there have been a lot of firsts for me! I know not everything is said and done just yet (I still need to try and get the word out, and I imagine that all sorts of currently unknown bugs are going to show up once the game is released), but I already feel a lot lighter having put the official DONE stamp on this game.

I don’t know if you (the internet in general) will like Rexzilla or not – I mean I HOPE you do! – but I’m satisfied with it. It’s not perfect. But I think it’s cute and fun and polished. I don’t know what more I could reasonably ask for from my first game.

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