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A refreshing new take. Do you have a concept, suggestions, or just general about the port? Just let us know.

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This is just to verify that new work has begun on this somewhat-of-a-port.

This is a two-man team so far. We're not asking for more people, but it will always make a difference in time and playability.

I am a mapper, coder, and some-what of a modeler (more like keyframe, etc)

As the fun starts, I will keep things up to date. The best part about this project is that I __have to complete it__ as it is some-what bit mandatory.

With that said, if you feel the need to make an open-source contribution or have a desire to be nostalgic, then why not contribute something -- whether it be artwork, conceptual ideas, or just suggestions.

*Stay true to the feel of R6*

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If you want some 2D artwork, I'd love to contribute. Promotional artwork, posters to go in the game levels just as little details that don't seem necessary but add a little uniqueness. Concept designs for menus and the strategy/tactical menu (where you plan out an operation). Stuff like that.

I wouldn't be so much of a use for the actual development of the game unless you are looking for some additional, custom maps you would plan to put in. Then I could possibly come up with concepts for maps or whatever. I'm experienced with photoshop but still an amateur.

I find myself quite interested in this remake of such a great game. Is there any website or forum for this development?

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