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Post news RSS Review Roundup: Beast Boxing Turbo

Gathering up some of the most helpful reviews of Beast Boxing Turbo since launching on Desura!

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Wondering what all the fuss is about with Beast Boxing Turbo? Well, here are a few hand-picked reviews of Beast Boxing Turbo that do a great job of explaining what's so great about our game.

LOTSOFPAPER wrote: This game gives you all of your freedom starting at the beginning, launches your straight into the game with a sock to the jaw, and makes your critically consider your strategy during each match.
which of your attacks hit?

Which are missing because your overuse them? How do you counter fast opponents? Block happy opponents? All leading up to one goal... You, the player, become skilled at Beast Boxing. Sure, you could potentially grind forever and have super-powerful punches and block all the damage... but that would take too long. You WANT to start the next chapter.

VISITNTX wrote: Boxing games for PC were always too weak, too poor since the great 4-D Boxing, but this one has a nice sense of humor, has a sci-fi story, it's a first person puncher, has really great graphics and it's surrounded by good music.
The game mechanics were well designed, has a nice learning curve, with controls easy to remember. The gameplay goes from minor to more complex when you keep winning and works really well through the game.
Plus, it sells at a fair price being a great indie game to enjoy.

Azhar wrote:
The gameplay surprisingly nails the concept of being simple to play and difficult to master. You can freely set the controls to whatever you feel comfortable with, which is great. But for a basic idea, you'll move from side to side with directional keys, and hold down to block. There are two punch buttons, of course for left and right jabs, and you can hold down them in combination with the directional keys to perform power punches and uppercuts. The game uses three mechanics to make its fighting intense and skill-focused. The first is a power meter, which drains as you attack or get attacked. The lower the bar, the less damage you do. If it depletes, you'll become significantly slower for a short while until it recharges, so you'll need to avoid incoming hits. Next is a Guard Meter, which shows a little portrait that tells you whether you, or your opponent, are open to attack. Finally, there's a special bar, which builds up each time you land a hit, but drops to zero if you take a hit or run out of energy. When it maxes out, your fists will ignite and you'll become extremely fast and deal maximum damage for a short duration or until you're hit. It's an elegant system, and these three mechanics really make the fights intense.

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I've been really impressed with the support the Desura community has shown our indie monster boxing game, and love seeing what you have to say. Keep the reviews and comments coming!

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