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In this post, I talk about the reverse food implemented today, in Snake-8K.

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In the next couple of days I plan to add a few power-ups, or "food types" into the game. As of now, I have focused on the game's feel and user interface. This means that the game does not have a lot to show itself, and the gameplay quickly becomes a dull experience.

I want to change that. By adding more fun.

Today, I thought it would be fun to make a food type that once eaten reverses the snake. So that's what I did. It is not a complete feature, and it is only implemented as a test right now. However, this could end up in the final game.

Obviously, there are some graphical glitches that needs to be sorted out, and lots of polish to add to this feature. For example, I found that it really needs a different appearence than the normal food. If you do not expect to eat one of these, you are as good as dead.

This is just one of a few different food types I want to implement into the game. I will be sure to keep you posted, if something fun happens.

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