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Post news RSS Revelation day: polls and puzzle test

We disclose the Twitter poll winners and reveal the development test of another of our new puzzle concepts.

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Hey, everyone,

It's been six months since we've started this rollercoaster of an adventure called Loowa. You've been here from the start: all the ups and downs, the tears and the laughs, the struggles and the victories. July will be a very important month for Loowa, so you can expect great news from us!

We'll start today: we'll finally showcase a new puzzle test we've kept hidden all this time. But first, following up on our last article, where we asked you to vote, we can now reveal the lucky winners of our Twitter polls. So, without further ado, we present the chosen log:

1 log winner

As for the flower, the voting was tight, but one emerged victorious from the ashes of the fight:

3 flower winner

The polls may be over, but we're not done yet with the revelations! There's another surprise blooming. For these flower puzzles to work, we need both the open flower and the flower bud. We won't bore you with another "concept art" development process. You know it by heart by now: sketches, concept development, colour tests, etc., etc. Suffice it to say, we picked a delicate bud which will eventually bloom, revealing our beautiful flower.

2 flower concept

4 flower bud

Here's our lovely flower in all its glory:

5 final flower total

With the concept art out of the way, it's now time for the much-anticipated reveal. Now that we've disclosed the flower's appearance we can show you how it's going to be used in the puzzles.

At the time, we used our Alpha Build and placeholder assets to test this puzzle, since the purpose was just to see what could be achieved in Unity. And now we finally have the actual assets and animations to put to use! Can you picture this with the final art? Soon enough you'll get to see the real thing!

What do you think of this new puzzle idea? Any comments or suggestions?

More to come soon, stay tuned!
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