Revelade Revolution 0.1 Alpha 2

Added Zombie themed HUD:

  • Added zombie player health indicator;
  • Added "eye rot" zombie vision;
  • Fisheye view for zombie movement;
  • disabled in infected view: radar, crosshair;
  • forced full body image for zombie player;

Menu Updates:

  • Updated main menu to contain necessary elements;
  • ESC opens Main Menu always;
  • Video Recording menu readded and made easier;
  • New recording icons for easier identification;
  • All in one menu makes menu pleasing to the eye;
  • Added initilization code support for menu opening (required for voting menu);
  • New voting menu (updates from server upon welcomepacket, automatically refreshes and displays top hit to bottom in an expandable single scrolling page)
  • Ability to pull menu to a specific tab (negative value pulls same tab but hides the tabbed interface at top): EX: showgui "Menu Name" 2


  • Crosshair spread indication being screwy
  • Zombie arms missing/clashing with camera
  • Missing icons in data/hud/items.png
  • Voting menu not pushing to client after 10 sec in intermission


  • ability to call from menu:
    • If game is recording screen
    • If the player is in the true main menu or in a game regardless of server connectivity
  • ability to call from server to client:
    • Server game time
    • intermission time
    • Missing icons for Bite and Barrel in weapons.h array
    • smallvector support and various fixes to tools.h
    • Chat image for vote menu


  • ability to clear/recant vote
  • ability to switch current vote to another via voting list