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A turn of events. A short explaination about what happened the past time and how we continue in the future.

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Hey all!

Last news post was about us stopping with Star Apocalypse. I explained there why we stopped and what the future would be like.

The future I refer to was making a different game. All started as expected, but after alot of delays during february to may, we finally had a very basic concept done by the end of may. Eventually, our coders grew dissatisfied with the concept, and left the team.

I must admit that it's partially due to my own fault that we didn't get a concept really done in time, but it was also due to lack of information about what the person in our team (who came up initially with the concept) wanted in detail.

After the coders left the team, I talked with the other devs what to do. The best course of action would be returning to Star Apocalypse, since we had a clear and detailed concept already done. We just needed to simplify the game alot up development-wise.

We started discussing about some very simple mechanics which would still provide great depth. One of these mechanics is the income mechanic described in one of the latest news posts. More mechanics will follow, and we hope to have improved the concept sufficiently by october-december 2008 to start recruiting new people and put them immediately to work.

By that time, I hope that I have learned at least one decent programming language, so I can help with coding.

Hopes are back that Star Apocalypse will be developed further!


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