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Is it cliche yet to be an indie company running a Kickstarter? We hope not.

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After two years of development, Retrovirus has hit the alpha stage, and we're really excited about the game we've got in our hands. Our game has solid single player and exhilarating multiplayer, even though we're still wading through and fixing the bugs. We're excited to get the game out, and we'd like to do so without compromising.

That's where Kickstarter comes in. Without raising some extra funds, we're going to have to compromise on some features that we'd really rather play up to their fullest. We've got a robust editor, which is great for both aspiring designers and experienced community modders. We've got a six hour campaign that can be played alone or with a friend in co-op, as well as a handful of competitive multiplayer modes that all put six-axis movement skills to the test.

If we're successful with Kickstarter, the editor will get the polish it needs to go out at the same time as the game, meaning our community can start building total conversion mods on (or before) day one. We'll also be able to keep all of the content we have planned, instead of having to cut down on about an hour of the single player campaign. There's also a level of polish we'll be able to strive for if we've got a bit more development time in front of us that we won't be able to hit without the additional funding.

Cadenza is a company made by gamers. We'd rather not have to do this funding stuff, but we're trying to do it in a way that involves the community and brings other gamers' voices into the development conversation. We respect our players with DRM free games that can be run from their install folders with or without the software from the online store you bought the game from running. We provide content patches for free instead of trying to cash in on DLC for our most fervent fans. We respect our fans enough to include LAN and Internet by IP multiplayer. We're trying to do things the right way, and we hope that resonates with fans.

If you like what we're saying, take a second and check out our Kickstarter. If you like it enough to back us, you'll have our thanks and our ear. We want to hear from you on our forums, particularly as you have opinions on where Retrovirus is going or on what you'd like to see! Thanks for your support! With you behind us, we know we can make Retrovirus the game we know it can be.

Kickstarter for Retrovirus:

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