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Retromancer received its first patch on Steam! This update includes some significant changes to the cleric class and the last few levels of the game, as well as some smaller updates for the barbarian and the mage.

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This first patch to Retromancer addresses some minor bugs, and makes some significant balance changes to the cleric and the barbarian.

Many of the changes in this release were suggested by folks who have played the game -- thanks for all of your feedback!

Some quick highlights:

The cleric's attacks now do more damage, and they can convert enemy bullets into player bullets, which is especially effective against monsters in the later levels that fire bursts of projectiles all at once.

The barbarian's charge attack can now stun enemies, and can be used more frequently.

The difficulty of the last few levels has been adjusted, so they should be less of a slog.

And here are the detailed release notes:

  • [Community feedback] The first two power ups should now be unlocked automatically as intended, and you should no longer be able to dump infinite points into them
  • [Community feedback] Tutorial messages can now be toggled on and off in the options menu
  • [Community feedback] The cleric has been buffed:
    • All shots from the cleric now do 2 additional points of damage
    • When the cleric's shots explode, they will convert most enemy projectiles in range into new holy bolts
    • The cleric is now immune to the curse status effect
  • [Community feedback] The Barbarian has been buffed:
    • The barbarian is now slightly faster, moving at the same speed as the cleric
    • The barbarian's dash recovers more quickly (the cooldown has been reduced to 1.75 seconds from 2.00 seconds)
    • The barbarian's dash attack now has a chance to stun enemies (Some enemies are more susceptible to being stunned than others)
    • The barbarian is more likely to ignore damage
  • [Community feedback] The mage has been slightly nerfed
    • The mage's arcane bolts now do 1 damage, down from 2
    • The arcane rush upgrade now grants a 50% chance to get a rapid shot power up with any other power up, instead of a 100% chance
  • [Community feedback] The difficulty of the last 5 levels (The Void) has been adjusted
    • The total number of monsters in levels 25 and 26 has been reduced
    • The total number of monsters and the number of active monsters in level 27 have been reduced
    • Fewer eldritch hulks will now spawn in level 27, but it is now also possible for eldritch workers to spawn in that level
  • [Community feedback] The duration of the curse and confusion effects has been reduced
  • When resetting progress, the internal tracking of which levels had been completed was not reset, so you would receive achievements for any previously completed levels after completing the first level
  • When using the mouse and keyboard the arrow keys can now be used for character movement in addition to the WASD keys
  • Fixed cases where the victory screen was not correctly displayed at the end of the game
  • Fixed some spelling errors & typos
  • Updated character and upgrade descriptions to reflect adjusted abilities
  • Add some new pause / game over screen tips to reflect adjusted abilities
  • Added keyboard and mouse controls to the controls page and tutorial pop-up
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