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Get to know Retro Machina with this week's update, bringing you a look at the boss, the Ekranoplan, and some good old OST fun!

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Hello there everyone,

It's been here a while since we've posted here, but we want to break up the monotony and restart things with a good look at the game, along with a commitment to start up some proper dev blogs and dives into our game's development.

Introducing the Boss

The best place to start is a look at just how you initiate the fight against the Ciclotron.

The Ekranoplan

With a name like Retro Machina, it should be no surprise that our game is heavily influenced by Retro Futurism. This can be seen rather clearly when you find the unfortunate remains of the Ekranoplan in the water!

Combat OST

We've had quite a few people contact us regarding the game's OST and it seems that it's quite popular. So to give the fans of our game's music something to enjoy, we're putting together a few videos for the full soundtracks. So, get your headset, turn up the volume, and enjoy!

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