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Expanded commanders, epic finales, zombies, dynamic challenges, intelligence gathering, lore, and more!

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NEW FEATURE: Commanders 1.1

  • Commanders remember YOU. They will boast about their prior victories against you. They will whine when you defeat them. They will surprise you mid-battle to ruin your day! And much more! Who will become your adversary? What will your story be?

  • Added four new commander traits. One example: some commanders are particularly cowardly...
  • Commanders can now surprise you mid-battle!
  • Added several new personalities.
  • Commanders now have unique appearances.

  • Added "Fluppp" as a possible grub commander name. (Thanks Fluppp for helping me when I was on vacation!)
  • Added "Frazzz" as a possible grub commander name. (Thanks Frazzz for the videos!)

By the way, you should join our Discord and shape Micro Annihilation's future!


  • After a while, the enemy will decide to either "blitz" you, throwing everything they got at you in an epic finale, or they will retreat from the map to fight you another day.

NEW FEATURE: ZOMBIES and the Human Story

What has been happening to humanity during all of this?

  • Populated areas have a high chance of zombie hordes appearing.

  • Added numerous lore research topics, digging into humanity's story, and a little of the science behind the Toxian disease.

NEW FEATURE: Dynamic Challenges

  • The Toxians are more relentless than ever before. I'm really not kidding:

They push you to your limit. Only your strategy and your wits can save you!

  • Queens (properly) grow and evolve, unleashing larger spawns. Once they're suitably GIANT, they will come and crush you themselves!

  • Toxians are no longer hesitant to spam air units. Get ready for more of everyone's "favorite" enemy, the Stinger!

  • Fixed numerous "traffic jam"-like problems in the AI, which caused large gaps between enemy attacks.

NEW FEATURE: Intelligence Gathering

(Thanks AndyGeeMusic for the suggestions!)

  • Added Research Lab structure. When built in the battlefield, it will automatically gather information from enemies you slay.

  • You can see the enemy intelligence in the Knowledge Base

  • ...and in the battlefield by mousing over enemies!

  • You can now see full data on all United Armies units in the Knowledge Base, selecting them, or by mousing over them.

NEW FEATURE: Acquisition Point Bar

  • The top right corner of the HUD now displays detailed information about your acquisition point economy.

  • Structures, air transports, and other non-combat units no longer cost upkeep.

  • Combat ground units have an upkeep of 1 AP.

  • Gunships have an upkeep of 3 AP.

  • Toxians drop less biopolymers, but is worth significantly more when collected.
  • Kill bounties are now displayed on HUD.

NEW FEATURE: Build Progress Below Health Bars

  • Purple build progress bar located under the health bar of the unit doing the construction, and the unit being built. (Thanks Isogash!)

Balance Changes

  • Renamed "Biter" to "Nibbler," to avoid name collision with Factorio :-P. Hey, I I didn't know! I thought it was a cool name!

  • Added new Big Nibbler that is fatter and deals more damage, but still as speedy as their little brothers!
  • Nearly doubled Rocket Launcher and Missile Launcher damage, to make them better fit their artillery roles. Rocket Launcher now does more fire damage, whereas the Missile Launcher deals more physical damage.

  • Collector's hit points increased from 250 to 500, and increased armor from 0 to 10.

  • Collector will now drop off resources when attacked, giving them a chance to shake off enemies.
  • Supply Depot AP cost increased from 300 to 500.

  • Reduced queen hit points.
  • Adjusted Toxian commanders' hit points.

User Interface

  • Enemy reinforcement direction is now displayed on the HUD.
  • MOM, the AI voice, now gives concise mission briefings in world map and battlefield for those who hate to read.
  • Made text boxes more narrow. (Thanks Isogash!)


  • Added third tier of Command Craft Boosters, for a total of three. The first tier can be unlocked almost immediately with only a handful of Rare Earth Metals.

  • Supply Depot's repairs spray pretty sparks now.

  • Widened unit formations.
  • Game will avoid playing the same environment type back-to-back.
  • Game will not present the player with large maps unless you have unlocked at least one level of Command Craft Booster, and Air Command.
  • Biopolymer crystals will only show up once you have the technology to harvest them. (Thanks Isogash!)
  • Added tabs to options. (Thanks Isogash!)
  • Added oodles of graphics options. Even field of view! (Thanks Ferrilata_!)

  • Volume now displayed as percentages instead of decibels. (Thanks Isogash!)

  • Transports now have a distinctive "drop off" sound.
  • Gatherer Ant is now brown instead of black.

Virtual Bugs, Not the Biting Kind

  • Units will acquire targets before the enemy is in shooting range. This lets them react quicker, especially against giant units.
  • Fixed inconsistent unit thumbnail orientations.
  • Street outside of play area no longer navigable by enemy units.
  • Tutorial missions are disabled if you have played any substantial amount of play time in a save.
  • Increased game performance in many regards. Threaded pathfinding, faster air pathfinding, and more!
  • Rare Earth Metal Extractors no longer are missing foundations in defense missions.
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