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Get the scoop on Resort Boss: Golf's Final Content Update.

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Hello all,

Resort Boss: Golf's biggest and best update is finally here, introducing a campaign mode, Steam Workshop support, expanded scenario mode and over 100 bug fixes/tweaks.


This is the last planned content update for Resort Boss: Golf, so we made sure it was a big one! We will continue to monitor the forums and release any necessary bug fixes. Thanks to every single one of you who came with us on this journey, and we appreciate your patience. We hope it's been a fun ride for you too!

New Additions

Campaign Mode
A brand new game mode that puts you in charge of a resort management company, allowing you to buy and sell resorts in the game to turn a profit.

Building 3

Resort Editor
Essentially a free-build mode that allows you to build a resort in any way you want, without having to worry about money or other limitations. This resort can then be purchasable in a new campaign game.

Building 2

Steam Workshop Support
You are now able to share scenarios, buildings, and resorts!

Full 4 February 2020 Patch Notes

-Balanced golfer confidence to encourage them to try riskier shots
-Increased waiting distance when waiting for a golfer to take their next stroke (after the tee)
-Reduced golfer collider size to minimise issues of golfers bumping each other endlessly
-Fixed an issue where the golfer wouldn't be able to find the pin for their stroke calculations, resulting in the golfer ping-ponging around the hole
-Fixed an issue where previously attempted tiles would be removed from consideration if the stroke wasn't successful, resulting in golfers sometimes avoiding the hole altogether
-Golfers will now try to add some extra power if they keep hitting from the same spot (such as when hitting over and over on a hill)
-Adjusted navmesh parameters to fix some issues when the hills were too tall
-Animals now have a proper hunger/mood system, and you'll need groundskeepers to keep them happy and fed, lest you want them to become angry or sick...
-Fixed an issue where animals were technically being born before measurable time.
-Fixed autosave crash when autosaving a campaign.
-Fixed an issue where visiting a resort would bring you back to the golden age of January 1st, 2019.
-Fixed an issue where campaign resorts weren't saving properly.
-Funds from all owned resorts are now taken into account while playing. So is maintenance.
-Fixed an issue where the game could autosave while editing a scenario, resulting in bad data.
-Fixed issue with being unable to select a campaign from the load game menu.
-Fixed an issue with then loading of a saved campaign not firing off.
-Fixed an issue with campaign save games auto-starting when launching the game.
-Fixed an issue with spawned saved golfers where the guest list wasn't properly initiated causing a crash.
-Fixed an issue where the AI database wasn't being properly created.
-Fixed an issue where the building listing wasn't loading properly at the start of the game.
-Fixed the image for the Blue Castle resort no loading correctly.
-Uploading a building to the workshop will now open up a link to the uploaded asset for further editing.
-Export in progress window now closes when the asset has been uploaded, not when it has been created.
-Removed the what's new area as we near the last updates.
-Fixed an issue where the janitor would crash when trying to reload a machine if it never maintained an item previously.
-Fixed an issue where golfers would lose the reference to a particle system which would cause a crash if a salesperson tried to vend an item to them.
-Fixed an issue that was causing golfers to lose the reference to the hole they were playing on.
-Moved the retire button from the play action panel to the hole overview panel, allowing you to retire from a hole at any point.
-Fixed an issue where removing a wall from a roof instead of removing the roof directly would cause the wall to not be properly removed.
-Fixed an issue where removing a roof with a wall would not refund the correct amount.
-Edited buildings will now only have the time of the new features added to it, as opposed to having to undergo a full rebuild every time.
-Editing a building will now display the money the player will actually need to pay, as opposed to the full price of the building.
-Fixed an issue where buildings would occasionally not load the accessories correctly, resulting in buildings losing doors that would cause other issues down the line.
-Fixed an issue where users weren't able to place the room inside a building even if the roofs were toggled off, as the colliders would still be there.
-Resort Management is now properly spelled Resort Management in the button tooltip.
-Fixed an issue with golf balls crashing if they flew way out of resort range.
-Fixed an issue where opening a landscaper panel from the staff management panel would cause the panel to misbehave severely.
-Added a stamp to the prefab buildings to let the user knows if the building is from the workshop, their own creation, or made by the devs.
-Added loading of workshop items.
-Fixed an issue where groups would try to load a course/hole that had been removed, causing a crash.
-Fixed an issue where the AI would try to check for their time to play, resulting in their group being added as next group permanently, never moving forward.
-Fixed a crash when the current group was nullified and the hole still tried to "finish" the group.
-Added loading of Resorts and Scenarios to the workshop.
-Improved the scrolling speed of all menus
-Created an editor for resorts, essentially a free-build system that allows you to create resorts without any limitations, and add them as buyable options on a campaign game. These resorts can also be shared.
-Added dev/workshop/user tags to scenarios.
-Fixed the option to delete a created scenario.
-Added more floor options (6 new floor types)
-Set a static size for the screenshots to ensure they will be uploadable to steam workshop.
-Fixed an issue with the scenario editor crashing when trying to export a scenario.
-Fixed a crash when changing floor types and trying to delete a building
-Fixed an issue where exported resorts were looking for data in the buildings folder
-Fixed an issue where exported scenarios were looking for data in the buildings folder
-Fixed an issue where resorts/scenarios being exported were being imported as buildings.
-Fixed an issue with too many groups being loaded as spawned when they should actually be queued.
-Golfers that have finished a hole and are moving to the next one will now be placed at the first available spot on the waiting list (the first spot that holds a non-spawned group). No longer will they be stuck in queue purgatory.
-Fixed an issue where the resort creator/scenario creator bars would appear when they shouldn't.
-Fixed an issue where editing some descriptions could cause the player to lose control.
-Fixed visibility dropdown appearing behind the menu.
-Fixed crash due to not finding the screenshot file for the scenario.
-Fixed issue with converting scenario screenshots resulting in invalid textures.
-Fixed scenario tags not appearing when selecting them in the new game maker.
-Added screenshot size converters for Buildings and Resorts. This should only be needed when trying to export new buildings/resorts.
-Fixed opening the resort editor not closing the building editor.
-Fixed dropdowns not working on the resort creator.
-Fixed issue with the rooms blocking the user from being able to change the floor or place walls/accessories.
-Fixed an issue loading workshop resorts that would cause them to crash when trying to buy/manage them in campaign mode.
-Fixed an issue with the selling of a workshop resort, that would not allow you to finish the transaction.
-Fixed an issue with the tutorial not loading properly if the player had no previous save game.
-Fixed an issue where the resort creator options would appear behind the resort selector panel.
-Fixed an issue where the resort creator would never add trees to the resorts on first build even if the option was selected.
-Fixed an issue where the resort creator was trying to use the scenario builder settings for tile and terrain type when making a resort.
-Fixed an issue where users weren't being able to replace a room with a room of the same type but different model.
-Disabled colliders of the rooms to aid in placing walls/accessories/floors.
-Fixed an issue where deleting a floor with a room wouldn't correctly delete the room, resulting in null references.
-Fixed an issue where saving an edited building would save the price as the changes cost only. (This was only in the display; the building would still take the correct amount of money when built.)
-Fixed an issue where a member's lounge would automatically increase the membership cap if you edited it while it was under construction/after it had been built.
-Fixed an issue where creating a new building after editing a building would result in the new building's price starting at negative the edited building's price, resulting in massive advantage.
-Fixed an issue where placing an edited building with no edits could charge the player again for the full amount.
-Fixed an issue where selling the current resort would not send the player back to the main resort.
-Fixed an issue where hilly terrain wasn't generateable on the resort creator.
-Fixed an issue that prevented players being able to fire groundskeepers, marshals, and salespeople.
-Modified the fonts on the auction panel for better legibility.
-Added a label to the resort settings in the resort creator to let the player know why they cannot yet save the resort.
-Set the project to use full screen window as opposed to exclusive full screen to allow better usage of a second monitor.
-Fixed an issue where the buildings didn't have the price set correctly when building them, resulting in inconsistencies when editing them.
-Fixed an issue where resuming a campaign game would not enable all the correct buttons.
-Fixed an issue where returning from the main menu to a resort editor would result in the resort becoming playable.
-Fixed the resort not loading the correct resort name for the campaign.
-Fixed an issue where the campaign would sometimes load the starting resort instead of the last active resort.
-Fixed an issue where the game wouldn't load a campaign save when it should.
-Wildlife Shop will now properly restock when opening the menu in the resort editor mode.
-Fixed an issue where closing the decoration builder while having the bulldozer activated would result in the bulldozer continuing to be active.
-Fixed a persistent issue with the orders where the order deletion invoke would be done twice on occasion, resulting in one of the callbacks trying to delete something already deleted.
-Added more decoration objects for buildings.
-Added two hot tub rooms for the spa.
-Added a common external seating area. To be placed preferably outside.
-Added a goose. It has a short temper.
-Added a gabled roof with 6 different colors and 5 different types, for a total of 30 new roof pieces.
-Added a Pyramid roof (6 colors, 6 total pieces)
-Added a Butterfly roof (4 different types, 6 colors, 24 total pieces)
-Added an M-shaped roof (6 different types, 4 colors, 24 total pieces)
-Added 6 new wall materials
-Added 3 new wall types
-Fixed an issue where the Spa lockers would be rendered the same as the changing rooms.
-Edited the camera tutorial wording to be more concise.
-Updated the wording on the building tutorial to match the new building system.
-Edited the text on the resort editor to make its purpose clearer.
-Implemented editing of created resorts.
-Implemented editing of created scenarios.
-Fixed an issue where closing certain panels in the resort/scenario editor would bring up the regular game toolbar.
-Fixed a crash issue when trying to place the Gable L roof.
-Fixed missing localization strings.
-Fixed another nullreference issue with the golfers being removed from the course but their balls still trying to access them.
-Fixed an issue with the ball not being correctly disabled when the golfer finished playing.
-Fixed an issue where a resort's tileset could be overwritten by the scenario tileset.
-Fixed an issue where editing a resort would not load the tileset properly.
-Fixed the resort editor in-game panel opening up the wrong in-game panel.
-Goal settings will now load properly when editing a scenario.

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