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The article outlines the plot for "Residuum", a science fiction video game, where Eli Ma founds MarsX to colonize Mars but awakens an alien threat through mining, prompting humans to develop advanced weapons and defenses to carry on their mission.

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Here is a short story for our new upcoming game, Residuum

"For centuries, humanity dreamt of exploring the great unknown, and Eli Ma, a visionary entrepreneur, was no exception. He founded MarsX, a company dedicated to colonizing Mars and making it habitable for humans. With his vast resources and brilliant mind, Eli Ma brought together some of the brightest minds in the world to make his vision a reality. MarsX launched successful missions to Mars, establishing human settlements and becoming self-sufficient. However, the mining of resources awakened a dormant force, the Xirax, who launched a fierce assault on the human bases. During these assaults, the humans managed to steal some of the Xirax's advanced technology, allowing them to develop advanced weapons and defenses. With the help of alien technology, the humans are still keeping the Xirax at bay as they continue their mission on Mars, carrying on Eli Ma's legacy."

Here is some illustrations used in this video



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